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6 String Electric Guitars

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  • Taylor T3 Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Case
    Taylor T3 Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar is inspired by both the T5 and the SolidBody. Having taken on the classic semi-hollowbody sound and applied their signature Taylor design and tonal ...
    Price: $2,998.00
    Save: $1,229.00 (41%)
    $1,769.00ex VAT      $1,769.00inc VAT
  • Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C1 FR Electric Guitar
    The Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo loaded into the Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C1 FR Electric Guitar gives shredders the ability to do extreme dives and other whammy effects without all the tuning ...
    Price: $1,569.00
    Save: $794.05 (51%)
    $774.95ex VAT      $774.95inc VAT
  • Schecter Blackjack SLS C1 EX Active Baritone Electric Guitar
    Using Schecter's Slim Line Series body styles, the Schecter Blackjack SLS Active Electric Guitars offer a lighter guitar design for players of all styles. Featuring a 3-piece maple set neck with Ultra Access, ...
    Price: $1,149.00
    Save: $624.05 (54%)
    $524.95ex VAT      $524.95inc VAT
  • PRS Paul Reed Smith Stripped 58 Electric Guitar with Case
    The PRS Paul Reed Smith Stripped 58 Electric Guitar offers straightforward tone, quality, and comfort in an attractive, no nonsense package. A vintage inspired single cut perfect for more ...
    Price: $4,483.00
    Save: $2,184.00 (49%)
    $2,299.00ex VAT      $2,299.00inc VAT
  • PRS Paul Reed Smith NF3 Electric Guitar with Case
    Featuring Three Narrowfield Humbuckers, the NF3 Electric Guitar from Paul Reed Smith has incredible tone with exceptional clarity. The modern Narrowfield pickups use the same wire as PRS’s coveted 57/08 pickups, ...
    Price: $3,333.00
    Save: $1,614.00 (48%)
    $1,719.00ex VAT      $1,719.00inc VAT
  • Line 6 JTV69 James Tyler Variax Electric Guitar with Gig Bag
    25 guitars, 11 tunings, 1 exceptional instrument 60 years ago, modern music was transformed by the advent of the electric guitar. This revolutionary new instrument proved to be incredibly ...
    Price: $1,999.99
    Save: $1,270.04 (64%)
    $729.95ex VAT      $729.95inc VAT
  • Jackson SL2H Soloist Electric Guitar with Case
    The Jackson Guitars Soloist SL2H USA Select model features an alder body, a quartersawn Eastern hard rock maple neck, thru-body construction, a compound radius ebony fingerboard with a very fast compound neck ...
    Price: $3,333.32
    Save: $1,564.32 (47%)
    $1,769.00ex VAT      $1,769.00inc VAT
  • Gretsch G6122 1959 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman with Case
    A single-cutaway slice of history! Designed in close conjunction with Paul Yandell, Chet Atkins' rhythm guitarist, the G6122 1959 Country Gentleman precisely replicates the world's most famous '59 6122 model. ...
    Price: $4,275.00
    Save: $1,826.00 (43%)
    $2,449.00ex VAT      $2,449.00inc VAT
  • Gretsch G6128T TVP Power Jet with Bigsby and Case
    That Great Gretsch Sound-with a snarl! Gretsch has modified the classic Duo Jet to a new sonic level, so strike your best rockin' pose and turn up your amp, the G6128T TVP Power Jet is a hard ...
    Price: $3,300.00
    Save: $1,411.00 (43%)
    $1,889.00ex VAT      $1,889.00inc VAT
  • G&L Tribute Ascari GTS Electric Guitar
    G&L's done something special with the G&L Tribute Ascari™ GTS Electric Guitar . They've created an instrument that's steeped in guitar history yet strikingly new. The Tribute Ascari ...
    Price: $799.00
    Save: $434.05 (54%)
    $364.95ex VAT      $364.95inc VAT
  • Gibson LE 2014 SG Standard 120 Heritage Cherry WC
    The limited edition SG Standard 120 from Gibson USA celebrates the 120th Anniversary of Gibson! The SG Standard 120 nails the look, feel and sound of one of the most popular SGs ever made, with top-notch ...
    Price: $3,165.00
    Save: $1,666.00 (53%)
    $1,499.00ex VAT      $1,499.00inc VAT
  • Fender Deluxe Players Strat Rosewood Fingerboard with Gigbag
    A revised version of the former Super Strat, the Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster with rosewood fingerboard has great playability. U pgraded with American-made Vintage Noiseless pickups, this guitar not ...
    $549.95ex VAT      $549.95inc VAT
  • Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster with Case
    The Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster has been newly updated with a White-Black-White pickguard, a bullet truss rod nut and machine screw neck mounting! A top seller, the Yngwie Malmsteen ...
    $1,419.00ex VAT      $1,419.00inc VAT
  • Fender American Deluxe Strat HSS Maple Fingerboard with Case
    For guitarists who want more from their axes the updated and upgraded Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS is sure to satisfy. Featuring a compound radius two N3 Noiseless pickups and the Atomic Humbucker in ...
    $1,419.00ex VAT      $1,419.00inc VAT
  • ESP LTD M1000E Electric Guitar Snow White
    The LTD M1000E Electric Guitar; Great Tone, Slick Design, Excellent Price! The M1000E boasts a strong Alder body with Maple set-thru neck design giving this LTD the strength guitarists want ...
    Price: $1,255.71
    Save: $615.76 (49%)
    $639.95ex VAT      $639.95inc VAT
  • ESP LTD James Hetfield Truckster Electric Guitar
    James Hetfield's Signature ESP LTD Truckster May Appear Worn on the Outside, but it has a Pure Metal Core! The Truckster has a look all its own, the finish gives the ...
    Price: $1,570.00
    Save: $750.05 (48%)
    $819.95ex VAT      $819.95inc VAT
  • ESP LTD KH602 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar
    The ESP LTD KH602 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar features a neck-thru-body design with an alder body, and a 3-piece maple neck. The KH-602 It's a powerful, versatile instrument featuring EMG 81/60 ...
    Price: $1,284.29
    Save: $584.34 (45%)
    $699.95ex VAT      $699.95inc VAT
  • ESP LTD Deluxe EC1000 Ebony Electric Guitar
    With an ebony fingerboard, the ESP LTD Deluxe EC1000 Ebony Electric Guitar yields a sleek appearance that matches perfectly with its high output, beefy tone. High quality tonewoods including a ...
    Price: $1,255.71
    Save: $655.76 (52%)
    $599.95ex VAT      $599.95inc VAT
  • Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty Electric Guitar
    The Epiphone Black Beauty Les Paul Classic features the same tuxedo look and world famous features that has made the Les Paul Custom, aka Black Beauty, a hit since 1954. This great workhorse of a guitar ...
    Price: $1,267.00
    Save: $722.05 (57%)
    $544.95ex VAT      $544.95inc VAT
  • Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES333 Brown
    The Epiphone Tom DeLonge Signature ES-333 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is the signature model of Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves fame, making this axe is the perfect weapon to carry into the ...
    Price: $832.00
    Save: $457.05 (55%)
    $374.95ex VAT      $374.95inc VAT