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Active/Powered Studio Monitors

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  • KRK VXT6 Active Studio Monitor
    KRK VXT6 Studio Monitors are the latest products from a company known for creating world class studio monitors for a variety of markets. The series was created using stringent design philosophies similar to ...
    Price: $748.33
    Save: $408.38 (55%)
    $339.95ex VAT      $339.95inc VAT
  • JBL LSR4326P Powered Studio Monitors
    Powerful Audio with the Tools You Need for A Pristine Critical Listening Environment! The 6-inch LSR4326P are superb-sounding studio monitors that take into account the acoustic realities ...
    Price: $1,330.00
    Save: $470.05 (35%)
    $859.95ex VAT      $859.95inc VAT
  • EVE Audio SC207 Active Studio Monitor
    The EVE Audio SC207 Active Studio Monitor has the size, power and precise audio to be used in virtually any set-up whether in a home studio or top of the line system. The SC207 packs top-shelf ...
    Price: $999.00
    Save: $289.05 (29%)
    $709.95ex VAT      $709.95inc VAT
  • Dynaudio BM6A MKII Powered Studio Monitor
    The Dynaudio BM6A MKII active speakers deliver clear and accurate monitoring in a distinctive new cabinet design. The BM6A MKII monitors feature an 6.9 inch woofer and a 1.1 inch soft dome tweeter ...
    Price: $873.00
    Save: $273.05 (31%)
    $599.95ex VAT      $599.95inc VAT
  • Behringer Truth B1030A Powered Studio Monitors
    Behringer packed 75-Watts of bi-amped technology (including a time- and phase-corrected active crossover) into every B1030A, ensuring that you have the enormous power reserves you’ll need to drive them ...
    Price: $449.98
    Save: $220.03 (49%)
    $229.95ex VAT      $229.95inc VAT
  • Adam Audio A8X Powered Studio Monitor
    The Adam Audio A8X monitor features an 8.5 inch carbon fiber/rohacell/glass fiber midwoofer and an X-ART tweeter to deliver crisp, natural audio with a wide frequency response. Each driver ...
    Price: $1,099.00
    Save: $149.05 (14%)
    $949.95ex VAT      $949.95inc VAT