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    Rode SC1 TRRS SmartLav Plus Extension Cable
    Price: $29.95
    Save: $8.00 (27%)
    From  $21.95      $21.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The SC1 is a premium shielded extension cable for the smartLav and smartLav+ TRRS microphones. Measuring 6m/20', the SC1 features gold plated contacts for superior audio reproduction Rode ...
    In Line Audio 24 Channel Audio Snake
    Price: $599.99
    Save: $375.04 (63%)
    From  $224.95      $224.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    In Line Audio 24 Channel Audio Snake provides 24 channels (XLR) females and 4 (XLR) returns. Features well-protected and flexible cable bundling and a heavy-duty metal chassis box! Includes ...
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    In Line Audio 12 Channel Audio Snake
    Price: $539.99
    Save: $340.04 (63%)
    From  $199.95      $199.95
    3 Payments of $66.65
    Non-Factory Sealed

    This 12x4 In Line Audio snake provides 12 channels (XLR) female with 4 (XLR) male returns. Includes locking connectors with quick disconnect buttons for a secure fit. Also, each XLR connector is ...
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    Mogami Gold GSTA50 Stage Microphone Cable 50 Foot
    Price: $139.95
    Save: $25.00 (18%)
    From  $114.95      $114.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Truly premium-grade microphone cable. The Gold Series uses Mogami StageFLEX Professional Stranded Cable. Each conductor contains 105 individual copper strands coupled with a comprehensive full coverage ...
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    IK Multimedia iRig PowerBridge with Lightning Connector
    From  $62.95      $62.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Introducing iRig PowerBridge, a continuous charging system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and digital iRig accessories. Featuring an ultra-low noise audiophile grade power conditioner, comprehensive connection ...
    dbx CT3 Advanced Audio Cable Tester With Test Tone Generator
    Price: $162.00
    Save: $47.05 (29%)
    From  $114.95      $114.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    An advanced cable tester, the dbx CT3 allows you to evaluate a large variety of cables with ease. The CT3 offers many common connectors such as RJ45, RJ11, MIDI, Speaker Twist, XLR, RCA Phono, BNC, DIN, TRS, TS, ...
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