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  • Avalon VT737SP Class A Tube Channel Strip
    The Avalon VT737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep EQ, output level and VU metering. VT737SP's preamp provides a 48V phantom powered input, an Instrument DI and a ...
    $2,049.00 - $2,475.00
    From  $2,049.00ex VAT      $2,049.00inc VAT
    8 Payments of $309.38
  • Avalon M5 Pure Class A Microphone Preamp
    The Avalon M5 Pure Class A microphone preamplifier is the most musical, low noise full function preamplifier available today. Designed to optimize absolute signal integrity and musical performance, the M5 ...
    $1,499.00 - $1,665.00
    From  $1,499.00ex VAT      $1,499.00inc VAT
    8 Payments of $208.13
  • Avalon U5 Active Direct Box
    The Avalon U5 Pure Class A instrument DI and preamplifier is the most powerful direct box available today. Its state-of-the-art, high input impedance input stage, 100% discrete, Pure Class A signal amplifiers, and ...
    $559.95 - $620.00
    From  $559.95ex VAT      $559.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $206.67
  • Avalon RM2 2 Unit Rackmount Kit for U5 and M5
    The Avalon RM-2 joins two U5 or M5's together in a standard 19' rack. The RM-2 contains two stainless steel rack ears, two T-bars, and ten stainless steel ...
    $100.00ex VAT      $100.00inc VAT
  • Avalon RM1 1 Unit Rackmount Kit for U5 and M5
    The Avalon RM-1 converts a single U5 or M5 to a standard 19' rack system. The kit includes two steel rack ears and eight stainless steel ...
    $80.00ex VAT      $80.00inc VAT
  • Avalon VT747SP Class A Tube Stereo Comp/EQ
    THE AVALON VT-747SP IS A CLASS A, VACUUM TUBE-DISCRETE TWIN SIGNAL PATH OPTO-COMPRESSOR-EQUALIZER The Avalon VT-747SP combines a creative STEREO tube-discrete Class A spectral-opto-compressor with ...
    Price: $2,900.00
    Save: $741.00 (26%)
    $2,159.00ex VAT      $2,159.00inc VAT