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Breedlove Guitars

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  • Breedlove 2015 Stage Dreadnought A/E Guitar with Bag
    For the performing artist seeking full sound with pronounced bass and midrange projection, the Stage Dreadnought Black Magic is built on the original Breedlove rounded dreadnought shape with all solid tonewoods. ...
    Price: $1,332.00
    Save: $333.00 (25%)
    $999.00ex VAT      $999.00inc VAT
    12 Payments of $83.25
  • Breedlove Pursuit Dreadnought Ebony Acoustic Electric wBag
    The Pursuit Dreadnought Ebony is a true reflection of Breedlove's distinctively crafted sound found in an exceptional appointment package. The full-depth dreadnought's top, back and sides are constructed of Java ...
    Price: $932.00
    Save: $233.00 (25%)
    $699.00ex VAT      $699.00inc VAT
    8 Payments of $87.38
  • Breedlove Premier Dreadnought Mahogany Acoustic Electric
    Breedlove’s innovative design has yielded the Breedlove Premier Dreadnought , which uses the tone and timeless appeal of Sitka spruce and mahogany to make a strong first impression on ...
    Price: $2,265.00
    Save: $566.00 (25%)
    $1,699.00ex VAT      $1,699.00inc VAT
    12 Payments of $141.59
  • Breedlove USA Oregon Dreadnought A/E Guitar with Case
    With an original, inspiring tone, the Breedlove USA Oregon Dreadnought acoustic electric guitar is made of native Northwest tonewoods. Voice to project clearly and to cut right through the mix, ...
    Price: $1,999.00
    Save: $500.00 (25%)
    $1,499.00ex VAT      $1,499.00inc VAT
    12 Payments of $124.92
  • Breedlove Discovery Dreadnought CE Acoustic Electric wBag
    For players who want distinctively crafted sound with the notable projection of a Breedlove dreadnought, the Discovery Dreadnought CE is ready for amplification and outfitted for ease of playability with a soft ...
    Price: $532.00
    Save: $182.02 (34%)
    $349.98ex VAT      $349.98inc VAT
    3 Payments of $116.66
  • Breedlove 25th Anniversary Brazilian Concert A/E Guitar wCase
    To celebrate 25 years, Breedlove is offering this extraordinary concert, crafted with the world’s finest tonewood - Brazilian rosewood harvested in 1950’s and 60’s and carefully aged in a ...
    Price: $9,332.00
    Save: $2,333.00 (25%)
    $6,999.00ex VAT      $6,999.00inc VAT
    12 Payments of $333.34
    Plus $2999.00 Down
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