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    American Musical Supply New Day New Deal. Each day American Musical Supply lowers its price on one special item, with this new tool, you can receive alerts when these deals become available so you will never again miss out on these great daily deals.

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      What is RSS?

      RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a XML-based format that lets you subscribe to websites and blogs. Subscribing to an RSS feed lets you see updated information quickly and easily in a single interface (even from multiple sources). RSS enables you see what's new on your favorite sites without having to visit them all individually. The most common tool users will need to subscribe to a RSS feed will either be a news reader or aggregator. These tools can be web based or stand-alone programs.

      What is the American Musical Supply RSS Feed?

      An AMS RSS feed will keep you current on our New Day New Deal. Subscribe now and never miss a single AMS deal.

      How do I subscribe to an AMS RSS Feed?

      First, you'll need an RSS reader. You may subscribe in one of two ways, but both are extremely simple. For web-based RSS readers, Log into MyMSN, MyYahoo!, Google Reader or Bloglines and click the corresponding button on the right side of this page. If you have a "stand-alone" or "plugin" style reader, simply copy the url of the orange 'XML' or 'RSS' button into your reader subscription section (use "RSS-Lite 2.0" for text only readers). Or if your reader software is configured to do so, you can simply click on the relevant button of your reader software on the right and it should automatically begin recieving the feed.

      How do I get AMS RSS feeds?

      Simply click the "+ RSS FEED" button next to any feed, click on your RSS reader of choice, and you’re ready to go! For other RSS readers, click "[view xml]", and copy the page’s URL from your browser into the reader to start a new subscription.

      Will RSS cost me anything?

      You can sign up for and download most readers without any charge.

      Okay, I've got an RSS reader. Now what?

      Now you can start adding your RSS feeds. Many Web sites offer RSS feeds, so simply look for an RSS link ( rss ). Copy the URL (Web address) of the feed you want and paste it into your reader. The reader will begin to display the feed.