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    DigiTech Guitar Effects

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    • Digitech Ventura Vibe Rotary Speaker Vibrato Pedal
      Delivering both vintage and modern sounds with three rotary/vibrato effect types, the Ventura pedal from DigiTech will twist your equilibrium adding spinning, swaying movement to your guitar playing. Each can be ...
      Price: $199.95
      Save: $50.00 (25%)
      $149.95      $149.95
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    • DigiTech Luxe Compact Polyphonic Detune Guitar Pedal
      The DigiTech Luxe is an anti-chorus, DigiTech's first stand-alone, compact, polyphonic detune pedal. The Luxe takes the detune effect from the popular Whammy product line and adds positive and negative detune ...
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      Price: $229.95
      Save: $95.00 (41%)
      $134.95      $134.95
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    • DigiTech Control 2 Foot Controller for GSP1101
      The DigiTech Control 2 Remote Foot Controller lets lets you capture the full potential of the GSP1101. The Control2 is built like a tank with a durable bent metal chassis, 14 high-quality vacuum ...
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      Price: $449.95
      Save: $150.00 (33%)
      $299.95      $299.95
      3 Payments of $99.99
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