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Full range up to 10 inch

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  • Electro Voice ZX190 PA Speaker
    The Electro-Voice ZX1-90 is the new standard of no compromise audio performance and versatility for compact sound reinforcement. The high-tech enclosure is lightweight and extremely durable. The ...
    Price: $370.00
    Save: $71.00 (19%)
    $234.95 - $299.00
    From  $234.95ex VAT      $234.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $99.67
  • Yamaha YHT399UBL Home Theater Component System
    The YHT-399U is designed for ease-of-use and full-scale AV entertainment with outstanding Yamaha sound quality from a discrete amp circuit design. Included is a front panel USB input for iPhone®/iPod®, as ...
    Price: $449.95
    Save: $50.00 (11%)
    $399.95ex VAT      $399.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $133.32
  • Cerwin Vega XLS28 Dual 8 Inch 3-Way Passive Tower Speaker
    From the popular Classic Series of Cerwin Vega Home Theater Speakers, the Cerwin Vega XLS28 Dual 8 Inch 3-Way Passive Tower Speaker offers three-way performance in stylish enclosure. Featuring Dual 8 inch, cast ...
    Price: $581.67
    Save: $232.67 (40%)
    $349.00ex VAT      $349.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $116.34
  • JBL Control 29AV1 Indoor Outdoor Speaker
    JBL Control 29AV1 Compact Speaker; Professional installed audio for your home or business. Control 29AV1 from JBL has upgraded voicing for evenly flat, high fidelity performance. With an extended ...
    Price: $490.00
    Save: $103.00 (21%)
    $387.00ex VAT      $387.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $129.00
  • Peavey PR10 PA Speaker
    The Peavey PR10 PA Speaker provides a compact, lightweight solution for small to mid sized venues and audiences. The PR10 passive speaker delivers superior sound quality by utilizing the most advanced ...
    Price: $249.99
    Save: $50.04 (20%)
    $199.95ex VAT      $199.95inc VAT
  • Gemini GT-1004 10 Inch Passive PA Speaker
    Featuring rock-solid construction and high-quality drivers, Gemini’s GT passive loudspeakers offer the sound you demand at a truly affordable price. Providing a versatile speaker solution for DJs, bands, ...
    Price: $99.95
    Save: $40.00 (40%)
    $59.95ex VAT      $59.95inc VAT
  • Cerwin Vega SL5M 2-Way Satellite Speaker
    Depending on the size of your room, as well as your tastes in music and movies, you need a loudspeaker setup designed to meet your specific audio needs, while working together as a seamless system. The SL Series ...
    Price: $248.33
    Save: $99.33 (40%)
    $149.00ex VAT      $149.00inc VAT
  • Cerwin Vega SL-25C Center Channel Home Theater Speaker
    The center channel speaker is maybe the most important piece of the entire system and the SL-25C delivers with remarkable sound! Based on Cerwin-Vegas new soft dome tweeter design and featuring of a dual woofer ...
    Price: $215.00
    Save: $86.00 (40%)
    $129.00ex VAT      $129.00inc VAT
  • Yamaha YAS-152 Home Theater Television Sound Bar
    Designed for 55' and Larger TVs At 47-1/4' wide, the YAS-152 perfectly complements the look of 55” and larger TVs. When placed on a stand, the bar's feet allow it to straddle the base ...
    Price: $349.95
    Save: $50.00 (14%)
    $299.95ex VAT      $299.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $99.99
  • Gemini ES-08 Passive PA Speaker
    The ES-08 from Gemini is a passive speaker with transducers that are articulate and responsive to the subtle and dynamic changes in your tracks! The 2 way speaker is composed of a large 8 inch LF woofer and ...
    Price: $99.95
    Save: $40.00 (40%)
    $59.95ex VAT      $59.95inc VAT
  • Peavey PVi 10 PA Speakers
    The PVi 10 is a two-way speaker system featuring a 10 inch woofer and a high frequency drive on an exponential horn. The lightweight-yet-rugged, carpet covered trapezoidal enclosure with top ...
    Price: $199.99
    Save: $40.04 (20%)
    $159.95ex VAT      $159.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha NS-AW350 Indoor Outdoor 2-Way Speakers
    An all weather speaker, the Yamaha NS-AW350 features a wide frequency response for amazing sound. Wherever you need speakers, you can place these speakers vertically or horizontally because a wall mounting bracket ...
    Price: $149.95
    Save: $30.00 (20%)
    $119.95ex VAT      $119.95inc VAT
  • Cerwin Vega SL45C Quad 5 Speaker
    Cerwin Vega has been the worldwide leader in loudspeaker design for over five decades! Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes, watching a blockbuster hit, or following the big game, the quality of your ...
    Price: $331.67
    Save: $132.67 (40%)
    $199.00ex VAT      $199.00inc VAT
  • Electro Voice Evid 4.2 PA Speakers
    The Electro Voice Evid 4.2 Dual 4 inch PA Speakers are compact, versital and powerful. Perfect for a variety of environments where full-range audio is needed but space is limited: ...
    Price: $355.00
    Save: $76.00 (21%)
    $279.00ex VAT      $279.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $93.00
  • Yamaha NS-AW294 Outdoor Surface Mount Speakers
    Simple, Elegant Design! These speakers have a clean, simple design that will look attractive in any location on the exterior of your house, and even present a tasteful appearance when used in an interior ...
    Price: $199.95
    Save: $50.00 (25%)
    $149.95ex VAT      $149.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha NS-AW150 Outdoor 2-Way Speakers
    Wherever you need sound, the all weather NS-AW150 speakers provide a wide frequency response and good coverage of your area. Surround yourself with music, these Yamaha speakers are equipped with a dome tweeter to ...
    Price: $99.95
    Save: $20.00 (20%)
    $79.95ex VAT      $79.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha NS-IW280C In-Ceiling 3-Way Speakers
    Delivering a natural sound, the easy to install Yamaha in-ceiling speaker has a tilited woofer design for optimal sound directed to the desired listening position. Yamaha NS-IW280C 3-Way ...
    Price: $149.95
    Save: $60.00 (40%)
    $89.95ex VAT      $89.95inc VAT
  • Yamaha DXR10 - DXS12 Powered PA Speaker Package
    The DXR10 - DXS12 is a clean sounding powerful PA Package for small groups that require professional equipment at an affordable price. The Yamaha DXR10 10 inch powered PA speaker is portable which ...
    Price: $2,847.00
    Save: $947.03 (33%)
    $1,899.97ex VAT      $1,899.97inc VAT
    8 Payments of $237.50
  • LD Systems Stinger MIX6 G2 2-Way PA Speaker
    Featuring a 6.5' woofer and 1' HF transducer the Stinger MIX 6 G2 is a passive fullrange loudspeaker specifically designed as a slave to the Stinger MIX 6 A G2. It is conveniently powered by the active unit's ...
    Price: $199.99
    Save: $70.00 (35%)
    $129.99ex VAT      $129.99inc VAT
  • Cerwin Vega XLS6 6 inch 2-Way Passive Bookshelf Speaker
    Perfect for environments where space is at a premium, the Cerwin Vega XLS6 6 inch 2-Way Passive Bookshelf Speaker is a two-way bookshelf, featuring a single 6.5 inch fiber impregnated woofer and a 1 inch soft dome ...
    Price: $215.00
    Save: $86.00 (40%)
    $119.95 - $129.00
    From  $119.95ex VAT      $119.95inc VAT
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