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  • Latin Percussion LP 452 Dual Surface Multi Guiro
    The LP Multi-Guiro is a patented, compact, dual stainless steel surface, metal guiro and shaker all in one. One surface features large raised grooves, similar to the Cuban guiro, while the other has a finer ...
    Price: $75.00
    Save: $26.01 (35%)
    $48.99ex VAT      $48.99inc VAT
  • Latin Percussion Merengue Guiro with Scrapper
    The Latin Percussion Merengue Guiro is one of the driving rhythmic forces in a Merengue band. Made from stainless-steel the Merengue Guiro features a hollow, open-ended design with a tightly ...
    Price: $146.00
    Save: $61.05 (42%)
    $84.95ex VAT      $84.95inc VAT
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  • Latin Percussion 303 Mini Merengue Guiro
    Following the success of its original, full-size Merengue Guira, the Latin Percussion 303 Mini Merengue Guiro a smaller version that features an open-ended design and a tightly textured surface ...
    Price: $80.00
    Save: $30.05 (38%)
    $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
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  • Latin Percussion Super Guiro
    The Latin Percussion Super Guiro eliminates the durability issues inherent with the natural version of this instrument. Precision-molded from high-strength plastic, the Super Guiro has the shape, feel, and ...
    Price: $67.00
    Save: $12.01 (18%)
    $54.99ex VAT      $54.99inc VAT
  • Stagg Music Wood Guiro
    The Stagg Music Wood Guiro is a very fun, cool instrument. A scraper is ...
    Price: $26.99
    Save: $12.04 (45%)
    $14.95ex VAT      $14.95inc VAT