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Guitar Chord Finders

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  • Farleys Guitar Wheel Music Theory Educational Tool
    Farleys Guitar Wheel is a visual two-sided music theory tool for guitar and piano, covering every musical key. The Guitar Wheel contains a book's worth of music theory, while still fitting in your ...
    Price: $14.99
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    $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
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  • Amsco Blues Guitar Chord Deck
    The Amsco Blues Guitar Chord Deck makes learning a real 'hands-on' experience and features over 40 blues chords in a convenient deck format of cardboard guitar-neck illustrations that fan out and ...
    $9.95ex VAT      $9.95inc VAT
  • Hal Leonard Incredible Chord Finder
    A complete guide diagramming over 1,000 guitar chords in their most common voicings. The book is arranged chromatically and each chord is illustrated in three ways for three levels of difficulty: the easiest form ...
    $5.95ex VAT      $5.95inc VAT