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    Guitar Compressor Sustain Pedals

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    • Xotic SP Compressor Pedal
      The Xotic SP Compressor offers the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) technology used in what many guitar players consider the best compressor ever, the Ross Compressor. The SP Compressor has superb ...
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      Non-Factory Sealed
      Price: $165.00
      Save: $45.05 (27%)
      $119.95      $119.95
    • Xotic Custom Shop AC-COMP Booster Compressor Pedal
      AC-COMP is AC Booster with compression modes switch! The AC-COMP features improved tonal characteristics that have been modified for tighter, yet smooth overdrive sound. With three compression modes and internal ...
      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $245.00
      Save: $95.05 (39%)
      $149.95      $149.95
    • TC Electronic HyperGravity Multiband Compressor Pedal
      The HyperGravity Compressor will take your tone from good to great! Featuring no less than three amazing compression modes; including a state-of-the-art multiband compressor, a cool vintage compressor, plus ...
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      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $194.99
      Save: $85.04 (44%)
      $109.95      $109.95
    • MXR M132 Super Compressor Pedal
      The MXR Super Comp takes the original Dyna Comp (a legend with guitarists worldwide) even further. The MXR Super Comp provides an invisible boost to intricate licks, juicing up your sound, and helping you 'lock ...
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      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $128.56
      Save: $68.61 (53%)
      $59.95      $59.95
    • Boss CS3 Compressor Sustainer Pedal
      The Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer Pedal is the secret behind countless top guitarists' tone! Don't know what a guitar compressor is for? You're not alone. Half the people that own them don't either. ...
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      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $154.50
      Save: $84.55 (55%)
      $69.95      $69.95