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Guitar Compressor Sustain Pedals

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  • Electro Harmonix Black Finger Tube Compressor Pedal
    The Electro Harmonix Black Finger Tube Compressor Pedal is the only optoisolator photocell, dual vacuum tube compressor pedal on the market! So what does that mean? It means that the Black Finger ...
    Price: $268.38
    Save: $118.43 (44%)
    $149.95ex VAT      $149.95inc VAT
  • Pigtronix Philosopher King Comp Sustainer Envelope Pedal
    Combining the Pigtronix' award-winning Philosopher’s Tone circuit with a next generation envelope generator, the Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor, Sustainer, Envelope Pedal takes your guitar tone beyond ...
    Price: $429.00
    Save: $134.05 (31%)
    $294.95ex VAT      $294.95inc VAT
  • Fender Micro Compressor Pedal Green
    With its precise control options and a footprint that's perfectly sized for even the most expansive effects rigs, the Fender Micro Compressor guitar pedal is convenient and effective way to even out highs while ...
    Price: $99.99
    Save: $27.04 (27%)
    $72.95ex VAT      $72.95inc VAT
  • Dunlop CSP202 MXR Custom Comp Compressor Pedal
    Dunlop's CSP202 MXR Custom Comp Compressor Pedal is built from the finest components available. It is designed with a blend of modern and classic compressor technology. At the heart of the pedal ...
    Price: $199.99
    Save: $75.04 (38%)
    $124.95ex VAT      $124.95inc VAT
  • DigiTech Main Squeeze Compressor Sustainer Pedal
    The DigiTech Main Squeeze Compressor Sustainer Pedal uses studio-quality dbx OverEasy technology that provides near-transparent compression, and delivers long, natural sustain for your guitar. ...
    Price: $104.95
    Save: $42.00 (40%)
    $62.95ex VAT      $62.95inc VAT
  • Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter Pedal
    Outstanding, award-winning compression performance from a pedal! With the features and sonic clarity generally found only in studio compressors, this one goes far beyond the standard compression pedal. This pedal ...
    Price: $385.00
    Save: $140.05 (36%)
    $244.95ex VAT      $244.95inc VAT
  • Boss CS3 Compressor Sustainer Pedal
    The Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer Pedal is the secret behind countless top guitarists' tone! Don't know what a guitar compressor is for? You're not alone. Half the people that own them don't either. ...
    Price: $154.50
    Save: $64.55 (42%)
    $89.95ex VAT      $89.95inc VAT
  • Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher Compressor Sustainer Pedal
    The Electro Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher Compressor Pedal features three selectable attacks that cover all of your compression needs. Silky, long sustains blend in perfect harmony to create the finest ...
    Price: $104.37
    Save: $44.42 (43%)
    $59.95ex VAT      $59.95inc VAT
  • Rivera Sustain Shaman 2 Channel Compressor Pedal
    The Rivera Sustain Shaman 2 Channel Compressor Pedal is a super low noise compressor/sustain pedal with 2 channels with separate attack and release controls. Super Sustain switch allows for almost ...
    Price: $299.00
    Save: $59.05 (20%)
    $239.95ex VAT      $239.95inc VAT
  • Budda Chakra Compressor Pedal
    Designed to replicate the operation of 60s style optical compressors, the Budda Chakra Compressor Pedal creates a variety of compression options from subtle and transparent to full on squeeze. The Gain, Level, and ...
    Price: $239.99
    Save: $140.04 (58%)
    $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT