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Guitar Distortion Pedals

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  • Carl Martin PlexiTone Vintage Distortion Pedal
    An unusually high gain three step rocket of an overdrive, Carl Martin's PlexiTone offers a two step overdrive easily footswitchable between Crunch and High Gain channels. An additional Boost function adds up to ...
    Price: $369.00
    Save: $110.70 (30%)
    $189.95 - $258.30
    From  $189.95ex VAT      $189.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $86.10
  • J Rockett Audio Designs Archer Tour Series Overdrive Pedal
    The Archer is a recreation of an iconic circuit matching all of the magical qualities of the original. The Archer is a great clean boost that goes all the way to a chimey classic organic gain. It ...
    Price: $241.65
    Save: $62.65 (26%)
    $179.00ex VAT      $179.00inc VAT
  • Boss SD1 Super Overdrive Pedal
    The Boss SD1 Super Overdrive delivers exciting overdrive without ruining your guitar's harmonic overtones. The SD1 is equipped with a tone control allowing any desired boost or cut in the high ...
    Price: $119.00
    Save: $70.00 (59%)
    $49.00ex VAT      $49.00inc VAT
  • Tone Concepts The Distillery Guitar Preamp Boost Pedal
    Since 2008, ToneConcepts Inc. has tested gear with some of the world's leading guitar players on the stage and in the studio. They've put new and vintage tones into their hands, under their feet and through their ...
    $239.00ex VAT      $239.00inc VAT
  • Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive w/3 Band EQ
    At the crossroads of Highway 61 and Junction 49 lies the official crossroads of Clarksdale, Mississippi – the birthplace of the Delta Blues. This historic town, and the famous music that was created there, ...
    $199.97ex VAT      $199.97inc VAT
  • Wampler Black '65 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
    The Wampler Black '65 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal is the result of 9 months of prototyping and a/b-ing with vintage Fender amps until Brian Wampler was 100 percent satisfied with the ...
    $199.97ex VAT      $199.97inc VAT
  • Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Pedal
    The 805 is a very transparent, classic Overdrive pedal designed using the chip found in the legendary 808 as a starting point but eventually ending with the MC33178, a chip Seymour Duncan felt had superior sonic ...
    Price: $200.00
    Save: $60.05 (30%)
    $139.95ex VAT      $139.95inc VAT
  • Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Guitar Pedal
    It's back - the incomparable overdrive pedal that's been described as 'the Holy Grail of Tube Screamers.' The TS808 reissue features the same famous large square footswitch and the even more famous warm tones of ...
    Price: $257.13
    Save: $77.14 (30%)
    $179.99ex VAT      $179.99inc VAT
  • Maxon OD808 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
    The quintessential overdrive pedal - often imitated but never matched. Identical to the original circuit and featuring the JRC4558 IC chip, the OD808 reissue offers smooth, natural overdrive similar to a ...
    Price: $200.00
    Save: $51.00 (26%)
    $149.00ex VAT      $149.00inc VAT
  • Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer Pedal
    The Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer Pedal pedal delivers that warm natural overdrive sound previously unattainable by conventional units. The TS808HW Tube Screamer is limited in ...
    Price: $499.99
    Save: $150.00 (30%)
    $314.95 - $349.99
    From  $314.95ex VAT      $314.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $104.99
  • EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Guitar Pedal
    The Fuzz Master General is our take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2 Professional fuzz machine, an octave fuzz that was very similar to the wildly popular Super Fuzz. We have taken the basic circuit and ...
    $175.00ex VAT      $175.00inc VAT
  • MXR M264 FET Driver Overdrive Guitar Pedal
    Featuring a unique circuit design, the MXR FET Driver captures the rich, creamy sound of an overdriven tube amplifier by cascading an op-amp gain stage into a FET stage. The FET Driver thickens up lead tones with ...
    Price: $214.27
    Save: $64.28 (30%)
    $149.99ex VAT      $149.99inc VAT
  • MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive Pedal
    When Zakk Wylde wanted to develop his signature overdrive pedal, he looked no further than Dunlop. The MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive Pedal is a muscular stompbox that will turn your clean amp into a ...
    Price: $142.85
    Save: $42.86 (30%)
    $99.99ex VAT      $99.99inc VAT
  • Dunlop JHF3 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Distortion Pedal
    Over the course of '69-'70, Jimi Hendrix appeared at his most noted live shows - Live at Woodstock, Live at Berkeley, and Live at the Fillmore East - using a mysterious red Fuzz Face Distortion with white knobs. ...
    Price: $214.27
    Save: $64.28 (30%)
    $149.99ex VAT      $149.99inc VAT
  • MXR CSP210 Sub Machine Octave Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    The MXR Sub Machine Fuzz kicks open the door to epic and unbridled sonic exploration. This mean little box combines the shaggy vintage tones of the La Machine Fuzz with a growling sub octave circuit, giving you a ...
    Price: $214.27
    Save: $64.28 (30%)
    $149.99ex VAT      $149.99inc VAT
  • Boss DS1 Distortion Pedal
    The Boss DS1 Distortion Effects Pedal delivers added sustain and distortion types that range from very soft to very hard. With its level control, you can set the DS1 to match your volume level, or to ...
    Price: $147.00
    Save: $83.00 (56%)
    $49.00 - $64.00
    From  $49.00ex VAT      $49.00inc VAT
  • Boss BD2 Blues Driver Overdrive Distortion Pedal
    The Boss BD2 Blues Driver Guitar Overdrive Distortion Pedal delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive ...
    Price: $194.00
    Save: $70.00 (36%)
    $99.00 - $124.00
    From  $99.00ex VAT      $99.00inc VAT
  • EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    The Hoof Fuzz from EarthQuaker Devices is a germanium/silicon hybrid fuzz which is based on character of the classic green Russian muff. It is capable of creating everything from dirty and organic overdrive to ...
    $165.00ex VAT      $165.00inc VAT
  • Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal
    The Made-in-NYC Original! Electro-Harmonix announces the release of the original USA-Made Big Muff Pi distortion/sustainer. The reissue replicates the appearance and sweet, singing tone prized by ...
    Price: $107.14
    Save: $26.74 (25%)
    $80.40ex VAT      $80.40inc VAT
  • Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe Guitar Effects Pedal
    The Plexi-Drive Deluxe, is a direct descendent of the Plexi-Drive Standard but with a few upgraded features. Like the original, the Plexi-Drive Deluxe unique gain structure can take you from bluesy style 18-watt ...
    $239.97ex VAT      $239.97inc VAT