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Guitar Distortion Pedals

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  • Xotic Bass RC Booster Pedal
    Featuring a 2 band EQ, 15dB boost / cut function and a very smooth clean boost, the Bass RC Preamp pedal meets a wide range of tonal applications. With signal loss and EQ limitations common to vintage basses, the ...
    Price: $210.00
    Save: $42.00 (20%)
    $168.00ex VAT      $168.00inc VAT
  • Way Huge WHE 403 Havalina Fuzz Pedal
    The Havalina Germanium Fuzz from Way Huge Electronics is a germanium-powered fuzz box inspired by a vintage 3-transistor design that became the psychedelic shot-heard-round-the-world for guitar players, ushering ...
    Price: $171.42
    Save: $51.43 (30%)
    $119.99ex VAT      $119.99inc VAT
  • Voodoo Lab SF Superfuzz Distortion Pedal
    Voodoo Lab SF Superfuzz Distortion Pedal expands the design of a respected, classic Fuzz! The rare Jordan Electronics Bosstone (circa 1968) is considered by many to be the ultimate vintage fuzz. The ...
    Price: $180.00
    Save: $51.00 (28%)
    $129.00ex VAT      $129.00inc VAT
  • T Rex Vulture Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
    IMPROVING DISTORTION The Vulture started its life, when it was plugged in one of the very first pedals T-Res made. That pedal had a certain sound to it that they really liked, but it was a ...
    Price: $249.00
    Save: $50.00 (20%)
    $199.00ex VAT      $199.00inc VAT
  • T Rex Mudhoney II Dual Channel Distortion Pedal
    T-Rex is pleased to introduce Mudhoney II Dual Channel Distortion Pedal, a new generation of this classic pedal that keeps everything that was great about the original Mudhoney, and then doubles ...
    Price: $369.00
    Save: $119.05 (32%)
    $249.95ex VAT      $249.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $83.32
  • Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series British V2 Guitar Pedal
    Get that Legendary British Crunch with this Tech 21 Character Series pedal. The sound of Greenback-style speakers that emulate everything from British blues to UK punk style mayhem.  Enjoy the Bluesbreaker ...
    Price: $225.00
    Save: $56.00 (25%)
    $169.00ex VAT      $169.00inc VAT
  • Electro Harmonix Muff Reissue Overdrive Pedal
    Electro Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive pedal Reissue of the 1969 classic Muff Fuzz in a die-cast aluminum box. Adds just a touch of funky dirt. ...
    Price: $58.36
    Save: $14.56 (25%)
    $43.80ex VAT      $43.80inc VAT
  • Rivera Metal Shaman Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal
    Who needs an amp that goes to 11 when you have a distortion you can set to Disintegrate! The Rivera Metal Shaman Distortion delivers full control of your tone with incorporated Bass, Mid, High, and Gain controls. ...
    $299.00ex VAT      $299.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $99.67
  • Oddfellow Napoleon Boost Pedal
    Designed to give guitar players the maximum range of tone enhancement and signal amplification options, the Napoleon Boost does wonders to any rig. Oddfellow Napoleon Boost Pedal ...
    $119.99ex VAT      $119.99inc VAT
  • Oddfellow The Caveman V2 Overdrive Pedal
    The Caveman V2 is everything a guitar player could ask for in an overdrive pedal. A distinct step up from the already widely acclaimed Caveman V1, the V2 takes and improves everything guitar players loved from its ...
    $249.99ex VAT      $249.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $83.33
  • Mojo Hand Effects Magpie Overdrive Pedal
    The Mojo Hand Fx Magpie is a versatile overdrive designed for the player that wants that little something extra while still maintaining the character of their guitar and amp. Mojo Hand ...
    Price: $269.99
    Save: $70.04 (26%)
    $199.95ex VAT      $199.95inc VAT
  • Mojo Hand Effects Magistrate Distortion Pedal
    The Magistrate is a high gain distortion that features a full three band EQ for a wide range of tones ranging from “Brown Sound” to full on scooped mid chunkiness. The bass response stays nice and ...
    Price: $299.00
    Save: $69.05 (23%)
    $229.95ex VAT      $229.95inc VAT
  • Mojo Hand Effects Colossus Fuzz Pedal
    Unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the Colossus is the Russian/Civil War style fuzz that you've been looking for. Ridiculously tweakable, insanely versatile, and packed with 10 tons of Colossal Mojo. Rich ...
    Price: $269.99
    Save: $70.04 (26%)
    $199.95ex VAT      $199.95inc VAT
  • EarthQuaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound Guitar Pedal
    EarthQuaker Devices and the newly resurrected Park Amplifiers have joined forces to deliver a reissue of the vintage Park Fuzz Sound! The Park Fuzz Sound is a germanium fuzz from the Tone Bender family that ...
    $175.00ex VAT      $175.00inc VAT
  • EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Guitar Pedal
    The Fuzz Master General is our take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2 Professional fuzz machine, an octave fuzz that was very similar to the wildly popular Super Fuzz. We have taken the basic circuit and ...
    $175.00ex VAT      $175.00inc VAT
  • Electro Harmonix Octavix Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
    Octavix delivers the definitive late 1960's fuzzed out, octave up sound together with modern enhancements that update the classic concept. Housed in EHX's rugged nano package, the Octavix features ...
    Price: $117.15
    Save: $29.25 (25%)
    $87.90ex VAT      $87.90inc VAT
  • MXR DD11 Dimebag Darrell Distortion Pedal
    A Vulgar Display of Tone When Dimebag Darrell of Pantera first exploded on the scene, he ushered in a new era of tone and attitude. When it comes to guitar, Dime didn’t need a 'warm' or 'pretty' ...
    Price: $185.70
    Save: $55.71 (30%)
    $92.95 - $129.99
    From  $92.95ex VAT      $92.95inc VAT
  • Budda OM Overdrive Pedal
    Let your solos cut through the mix! The Budda OM Overdrive Pedal is a must have for creating the perfect amount of boost and EQ to make those integral riffs and solos push harder with powerful Budda tone. Offering ...
    Price: $199.99
    Save: $100.04 (50%)
    $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT
  • Boss BD2 Blues Driver Overdrive Distortion Pedal
    The Boss BD2 Blues Driver Guitar Overdrive Distortion Pedal delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive ...
    Price: $194.00
    Save: $70.00 (36%)
    $124.00ex VAT      $124.00inc VAT
  • Behringer HD300 Heavy Distortion Pedal
    When you’re ready to go beyond the boundaries of brutality, you have to throw some serious weight to get the job done. That’s when you break out the Heavy Distortion HD300. The HD300 is as versatile as it is ...
    Price: $37.99
    Save: $13.00 (34%)
    $24.99ex VAT      $24.99inc VAT