Guitar Noise Gate Pedals

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    • ISP Technologies Decimator G String II Noise Reduction Pedal
      The ultimate noise reduction pedal with unmatched performance, the ISP Technologies Decimator G String Noise Reduction Pedal tracks the guitar signal directly from the guitar so you can leave the threshold setting ...
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      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $269.99
      Save: $100.04 (37%)
      $169.95      $169.95
    • Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise Reduction Pedal
      It’s Rocktron’s acclaimed noise reduction for guitarists, now in a compact package that takes up less space on your pedal board. Got hiss? Get HUSH! Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise ...
      Non-Factory Sealed
      Price: $149.00
      Save: $59.05 (40%)
      $89.95      $89.95