Guitar Noise Gate Pedals

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    • Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise Reduction Pedal
      It’s Rocktron’s acclaimed noise reduction for guitarists, now in a compact package that takes up less space on your pedal board. Got hiss? Get HUSH! Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise ...
      Non-Factory Sealed
      Price: $149.00
      Save: $69.05 (46%)
      $79.95      $79.95
    • Rocktron HUSH Ultra MIDI Switchable Noise Reduction Processor
      The MIDI controllable HUSH Ultra allows you to create your own presets for silencing various gear and different settings within that gear. The HUSH Ultra is the ultimate noise reducing, eliminating and ...
      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $469.00
      Save: $249.05 (53%)
      $219.95      $219.95