Auralex AuralXpanders StudioFoam Microphone Isolation Foam Baffle Kit

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    Product Description

    Auralex Aural-Xpanders are the recording engineer’s toolkit for sonic sculpting.
    Carrying on Auralex’s award-winning tradition of the ISO Series family of products, the Aural-Xpander kit consists of specifically-engineered high-density acoustic foam components cut in distinct shapes. The components are designed to give the recording engineer a high degree of control over off-axis colorations, structure borne resonance and external noise bleed by providing the capability to filter the undesirable external overtones that tend to push the engineer to over-process on the back end during the mixing stage.

    Auralex Aural Expanders include

    • (1) 14 inch Xpander baffle
    • (2) 8 inch Tri-Xpander (triangular) baffles
    • (4) 6 inch Trap-Xpander (trapezoidal) baffles
    • (6) PlatFeet structural resonance interrupters (enough to float 2 tripod/round-based mic stands or 2 cymbal stands or 2 floor toms)
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    Platfeet - Used as sound isolation platforms for mic stands, floor toms or cymbals, platfeet absorb structural borne resonance before it ever reaches your microphone.

    Xpander and Tri-Xpanders - Isolate your microphones during the recording process to eliminate external noise bleed and filter those undesirable external overtones.

    Trap-Xpander - Place directly behind the drum mic to virtually eliminate off-axis colorations between your snare and high-hat.

    As a recording engineer, I have always searched for that extra level of improved tonal separation when using multiple microphones (I.e. drum recording or singer/songwriter recording where I have two large diaphragm mics up at the same time). Aural-Xpanders offer an exceptionally priced set of baffling and isolation devices that prove useful to recording engineers and musicians alike.'', says Rusty Sulzmann, Auralex Acoustics Product Manager for Aural_Xpanders.

    I especially appreciate the triangular baffles. I found them very useful on horn mics, and they did a very good job of cutting out the high-end leakage between hi-hat and snare., says Ben Yonas of YoNasty Productions (Smashmouth, No Doubt).

    In the art of audio sound capture, the recording engineer must contend with and balance many sonic issues (external noise bleed, structure-borne resonance, off-axis colorations) in order to arrive at sounds that are truly sonically robust.

    Aural-Xpanders give the recording engineer a high degree of control by providing the capability to filter the undesirable external overtones that tend to push the engineer to over-process on the back-end during the mixing stage.

    Aural-Xpanders offer the recording engineer a means of tonal control and passive filtering before the sound ever hits the signal path and before ever reaching for a knob or booting-up a plug-in.

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