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Auralex Great Gramma Amp and Monitor Isolation Platform

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Product Description

The Auralex Great GRAMMA (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor Modulation Attenuator) is an incredibly effective patented device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker.
Built on the success of original GRAMMA, the Great GRAMMA is almost 30% bigger to float large speaker cabinets.

Great GRAMMA yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed!

Now 4x12s, 15-inch or 18-inch speaker cabinets will benefit from the awesome Great GRAMMA.

Only Great GRAMMA can handle the big rigs!

Acoustic Treatment Equals World-Class Sound!
Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader in acoustical treatment products. By implementing the proper acoustical treatments, Auralex can make even the worst-sounding room good enough to yield world-class sound. Your recordings will yield the real sound of an instrument, voice or loudspeaker to come through. AMS has teamed up with the engineers at Auralex Acoustics to help you plan the fine tuning of your room – for free!

AMS Auralex Analysis Form
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Let the experts at Auralex help you achieve world-class acoustics in any room.

Step by step instructions for the Personalized Room Analysis form.
  1. Download the form.
  2. Open it and print it out.
  3. Complete the form
  4. Mail, Fax or Email to the form to the provided contact on the form
  5. Your Auralex Consultant will email (preferred) or fax suggestions to you.
  6. Decide which products you need and contact AMS to place your order!
Customer Quotes
The GRAMMA is truly amazing! I used it with one of my Fender Black Face Twin Reverbs and it gave my amp a whole BRAND new sound! For the first time my amp sounded ALIVE with a lot of sparkle and punch! I am a tone freak and I am hearing GREAT tones for the first time coming out of my Twin Reverb, it's a total night and day difference! I can finally feel and hear the amp breathe the way that it was intended too. I am going to use the GRAMMAs on all my amps from now on (In the studio and LIVE on the stage). My Marshalls and Fender amps are finally going to sound GREAT! I am in TONE heaven! Very Happy!
Eric Mantel -

Auralex products are unchallenged both live and in the studio. I love Auralex’s new GRAMMA. On stage it really smooths all my guitar tones. In clubs, theaters and even outdoors, the GRAMMA really makes a huge difference…The production crew of Tower of Power was so impressed, they started using them underneath the horn section monitors, the keyboardist’s LESLIE speaker and several drum mics…FANTASTIC results all the way around.
Jeff Tamelier - Guitarist, Tower of Power

“Having placed the brilliant Velodyne CHT-10 atop this cool looking device (the GRAMMA), I started my listening tests. POW!!!!! Suddenly, the lower octaves including mid bass took on a clarity and roundness I've not heard before. Tight bass took on a new meaning. I really feel like I'm onto something here. They are simply incredible.”
Eric Salih - Cinema Experience (owner)

Thanks to the good people at Auralex I can finally project my personal tone to the far reaches of the nightclub or the last seat in the theatre. My sound has definition, warmth and a boldness I couldn’t get before. It’s my sound but now it leaps off the stage and cuts through the house! Thanks Auralex.
Tad Robinson - Delmark Records, Blues Harmonica

The Auralex Great GRAMMA Story
The original GRAMMA solved a major problem with speaker cabinets in live and studio situations by acoustically decoupling the box from the floor or stage, effectively cleaning up the sound. Auralex developed the Great GRAMMA based on industry requests for a system that can handle larger cabinets. Their engineers designed the Great GRAMMA to provide the same isolation specifications, while offering a larger footprint for bigger speakers.

The original GRAMMA is 23 inches long by 15 inches wide and 2 inches high. The Great GRAMMA is 30 percent larger offering an isolation platform that is 30 inches long by 19 inches wide by 2inches high and exceeds the 300-pound weight limit of the original GRAMMA. The new system comes complete with a carrying handle, road-ready carpet, Studiofoam Wedges (underneath), and PlatFoam (underneath).

All gigging musicians are faced with a voicing problem between the instrument amplifier and the stage floor. When a note is played on the guitar, bass or keyboard, the speaker cabinet vibrates and, in turn, so does the stage, effectively muddying the sound of the cabinet. Worse, the stage can vibrate the mic stands and its microphones, creating feedback situations. The Great GRAMMA completely obviates this situation for the larger cabinet.

While the live applications are obvious, the studio applications, especially in the home or project studio, are critical candidates for GRAMMA treatment. In this day of extremely high quality digital recording systems available to everyone, creative tracks are routinely recorded by top professionals and hopeful stars alike in less than controlled acoustical environments.

These tracks often show up at a large studio where a project is completed. The GRAMMA and the Great GRAMMA, with their excellent isolation specifications, help artists record sonically honest tracks that reflect the true sound of their instruments without the coloration of the compromised acoustic environment of a living room or basement studio. This new found purity is reflected in tracks that deliver the emotional content of the performance without resorting to an equalizer to reshape the sonic quality.

Auralex Iso Series
Auralex takes their Total Sound Control mission to heart in the Iso Series- Instant Sound Optimzers. Each is specifically engineered to address problems associated with individual sound sources. Whether it is reference monitor resonance with a desk (MoPADs), the need for high-definition drum sounds (HoverDeck), true response from your prized guitar rig (GRAMMA), or frustration from off-axis bleed into microphones (Aural•Xpanders)...

The Auralex ISO Series of products can take your music to a higher level.

Product Specifications

Auralex Great GRAMMA Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • 30 inches long
    • 19 inches wide
    • 2.75 inches high
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  317-842-2600 Warranty: 
Michael White aka. The Wizard from Albuquerque, New Mexico,
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Nice handle on the bottom, sound seperation from the floor is something that U'll hear when U use it the first time. Just like when U bought that 65.00$ Bass cable what is this thing gonna do for my SOUND????? Guess what it does!!!
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That is what it will give U, the sound that has been missing.And if it does then that,s a nice edge for U and your Band,cause now U'll stand out from the rest???????
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Will hold up to the Road just don;t use it for your Yoga class. All items should have a Warning statement of use with it.
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Good product use for all my amp's and sound system cabs.
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