Black Lion Audio Black Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter

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Product Description

Designed to perform in the range of $2,000+ two-channel AD converters, the Black Lion Audio Black Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter is much more advanced than its predecessor. Its conversion circuitry utilizes their proprietary approach to noise reduction; a feature yielding audio that sounds less compressed and processed than traditional methods of converter design. The clocking circuitry features low-jitter, wide Q third harmonic crystal oscillators with advanced PLL recovery. This provides low-jitter master clocking regardless of whether the unit is locked to its internal clock or an external word source.

Black Lion Audio Black Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter Features:

  • Balanced inputs, XLR or 1/4 inch
  • Selectable user calibration
  • Word clock input and output
  • Sampling rates from 44.1kHz -192kHz
  • AES, coax S/PDIF, and optical S/PDIF
  • LED metering
  • Accommodates nominal input signal levels from +11dBu down to -10dBV
  • 1U high, 1/2 space rack mount chassis
  • User selectable 110/220 voltage input

Black Lion Audio proudly introduces a brand new, completely redesigned 2 channel analog to digital converter, the Sparrow MKII AD Converter fully modular design that can be upgraded as technology changes.

The Sparrow MKII is housed in a 1U 1/2 rack chassis, featuring XLR and 1/4 inch balanced inputs, LED metering, BNC word clock I/O, AES output, coax & optical S/PDIF output, and user selectable signal calibration accommodating nominal input signal levels from +11dBu down to -10dBV. It features sampling rates from 44.1kHz -192kHz, with a clocking architecture that features low jitter and wide Q third harmonic crystal oscillators, and because of the quality of the clock multiplier and PLL recovery stages, performance will not degrade should the converter be synchronized to a lower quality word clock reference.

They have coupled this proprietary converter circuit to a high speed, high headroom analog stage that can capture the smallest nuances and micro-dynamics. The result is unparalleled: an inexpensive two channel AD converter that not only has an enormous sound with pinpoint imaging, but also has the smooth, wide open sonic quality of expensive high end systems and a wonderfully rich midrange.

The Black Lion Audio Sparrow MKII features 4 input stage trim presets and a single ultra-low distortion amplifier before the converter for simplicity and purity of signal path. Power supply filtration is designed around latest generation organic semiconductor capacitance instead of a traditional electrolytic based method, ensuring low power supply noise. This is an AD whose sonic performance is as good or better than the top AD's currently available; once you use the Sparrow MKII AD converter, your standards will be forever changed!

Product Specifications
Black Lion Audio Black Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter Specifications:

  • Dynamic rangeb:
    • 120dB Black and Red Sparrow Unweighted
    • 122dB for the White Sparrow Unweighted
    • (124dB A-Weighted)
  • Max analog input before digital clipping: >+24dBu
  • Inputs:
    • Balanced Analog = TRS and XLR
    • Clock = 75 Ohm BNC
  • Outputs:
    • SPDIF = Coaxial (75 Ohm) and Optical, AES-EBU (110 Ohm)
    • Word Clock = 75 Ohm BNC
    • Word Clock Lock = indicator LED
  • Sampling rates: 44.1kHz - 192kHz
  • Bit rate: 24 bit
  • Latency: ≤65/Fs
  • Digital Audio Output Level Indicator: Bi-Color LED (Green/Amber/Red)
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