Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret Guitar Overdrive Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Dirty Little Secret gives you classic plexi to early 70s Marshall Super Lead and Super Bass sound and response. This is your ‘always on’ pedal, designed to be the foundation of your pedalboard, transforming any amp into those raging British stacks. It forms the core of your guitar sound which you can enhance and embellish by adding boosters, fuzzes, filters, and other overdrives in front of it - just like you would in front of a real amp. And the reason you can leave it always on is that you can get a great clean sound just by rolling back your guitar's volume knob!

    Marshall amps helped supercharge the performance, and shape the sound of rock and roll. When the house lights dimmed, all you could see through the hazy darkness was the array of red pilot lights shining from a backline wall of Marshall stacks. It was the ultimate prelude to the impending rock. In the absence of your own personal wall of Marshalls and the necessary road crew required to lug them around, the Dirty Little Secret (DLS) is the perfect secret weapon in your tone arsenal.

    Two classic circuits, selectable via an internal slider switch:

    • Super Lead: The ‘Super Lead’ mode gives you the great rock sound of a Marshall Super Lead amp with awesome harmonics, touch sensitivity, cab thumb, and kerrang. Higher gain than the Super Bass mode, Super Lead mode is perfect for use with humbucker-equipped guitars. Its gain range goes from classic plexi all the way to modified JCM800 levels. And, just like a great plexi, you can go from clean to scream with just a twist of your guitar's volume knob. Like a Super Lead, its voice is all about thump and upper-midrange kerrang. This is THE rock sound!
    • Super Bass: The ‘Super Bass’ mode gives you the tone and gain structure of a Marshall Super Bass (which is very similar to a JTM45, JTM50/100, or very early plexi). This mode was voiced to really hone in on that elusive in-between ‘not quite clean, not quite dirty’ response that old tube amps were so good at getting. And it was specifically voiced to make fuzz pedals sound great (especially two-transistor based fuzzes like the fuzz face). Its voice is deeper bass, and an emphasis on the lower midrange band and sounds especially great with Fender style guitars.
    Tone stack
    The DLS is two pedals in one. When you switch from SL to SB mode it completely reconfigures the tone stack and key first gain stage parameters to give authentic Super Lead or Super Bass type response. The SL/SB mode switch doesn't just add a bit more bass to make it a ‘super BASS’. The treble-middle-bass tone control complement exactly reproduce the tone stack circuits of the Super Lead and the Super Bass amps. So when you switch from SL to SB mode, the tone circuit gets reconfigured to the Super Bass circuit.

    Mode Switch
    The Super Lead and Super Bass are two remarkably different amps, and so the DLS is essentially two pedals in one, not a two channel pedal. You will hear the difference in the way the tone controls work, the way the gain character feels, and the way the overall frequency response sounds.

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    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Played it through my Egnater Rebel 30 on clean channel. Couldn't be more impressed. very touch sensitive, everything the description says it is. Put an octopussy fuzz in front of it and you'll have an acid flashback... I swear!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Incredible versatility
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Both the super lead and bass lead are very touch sensitive to guitar volume and pick attack. I use the bass lead mode, set it for a great lead tone and then back off on the guitar volume and have a perfect rhythm tone. Even during a solo you can play real light and it cleans up, perfect for setting the mood! Love it!!!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Great if you want the Marshall sound this is it out of any amp. I have a fender blues jr,a champion 600 reissue, and an egnater tweaker.and strats and teles and les paul type guitars.sounds awesome out of all of them.
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