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Dean Edge 10A PJ Skull Crusher Electric Bass Guitar

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Product Description

With its intense Skull Crusher graphic, this Edge 10APJ bass guitar provides high output instrument with a look designed to intimidate. This Dean Edge 10A PJ features quality construction with its a basswood body, bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The active PJ Active EQ pickup configuration packs a punch and adds incredible tonal versatility for the bassist who needs a little extra.

Dean Edge 10A PJ Skull Crusher Features

  • Basswood Top and Body Material
  • Bolt-On Maple C-Shaped Neck
  • 22 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Dean PJ Active EQ Pickups
  • Intense Skull Crusher Graphic

Product Specifications
Dean Edge 10A PJ Skull Crusher Electric Bass Guitar Specifications
  • Top: Basswood
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
    • Construction: Bolt-On
    • Profile: C
  • Scale Length: 35 inches
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
    • Frets: 22
    • Inlays: Pearl Diamond
  • Pickups: Dean PJ Active EQ
  • Tuners: Die Cast
  • Bridge: Die Cast
  • Hardware: Black

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  813-600-3920 Warranty:  5 Years Material and Workmanship
Joey Dyson from Chester VT,
A Majestic , sweet looking and sounding Bass
What is your overall opinion of this product?
For starters I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to this company (American Music) I used the 3 easy payment plan which is super cool to be able to PLAY AND PAY and I ordered this Amazing looking , sweet sounding bass at 9:30 p.m and the very next day at 1:45 p.m It arrived . The service and the conveance of this company is absolutely outstanding . So my overall opinion of this product ... The Graphics stand out which I really did not expect and the guitar itself is light and the sweet design fits against my gut like it was ment to be there .By the way does anybody know why or what the 9 volt battery in the back is for ???
What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music?
The Quality I think is heavy duty , The paint job and the Graphics are very masterful and well done , The strings seem to be high quality also. I believe it's well worth the $269. any day .
Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features?
The features of this amazing Bass are extrodenary, The skull and chains seem to be 3-D the graphics just like jump out at you . I like the slim neck design , it allows my hand to fit around the neck more comfortably than my other Bass. Although I had a tough time getting it in tune with my ROCK SMITH 2014 game . Just for the record I'm green and new to this guitar scene . I've been practicing for 2 weeks now and own 3 guitars already and while browsing amazon I seen the skull crusher bass guitar , I was so amazed with the graphics and all the great reviews and all of it's great features I had to get it . And since I got it early yesterday I have yet to put it down . Now that it's in tune I LOVE THE WAY IT SOUNDS. It stands out from my other Bass expecialy the way it fits next to me while holding it . It weighs around 8-10 pounds where my other Bass weighs in at 24 lbs . I really like the slim neck design it allows me to have a better feel for the frets and I have an easier time.
Heavy, fast, chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing?
This sweet Bass is Light , Has an Amazing sound that I love , The neck is smooth and slim which makes it easier for me being a begginner to find the frets and hit the right notes. The Body or Head has a neat style and a slight curf cut into it so it fits against your torso like it was always ment to be there .
How is the tone? Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick or thin?
I don't know much about different sounds or tones for the Bass But I can say I own another Bass and I can def hear the difference between the two . I prefer the sound of this kick $@& skull crusher with out a doubt . To me it sounds more like a bass , the sound is deep yet clear and distinct. I figured for the price and the fancy paint job that , that was going to be all it had going for it ya know just an over priced flashy bass guitar . BUT I found out quickly that I was wrong . The sound came in so clean and clear over my surround sound and stood out against the music so I could now notice the difference if I made an error by missing a note or hitting the wrong fret the sound of this beautiful Bass stands out from the rest and that's for the Best.
How did the stain or paint job look?
Like I said before it's Majestic . The paint job is a master piece, The skull and the chains really look 3-D like the Graphics are just jumping out at you or coming out of the guitar . The Black that surrounds the graphics on the out skirts has a high gloss shine . When you open that box and you unwrap this beauty your heart will be thumping, your saliva will be running and your hands trembling and than you finally lay your eyes upon this Beast of a Bass and you pick it up and hold it for the first time weather your a pro or a novice you wont put it down for some time. I have practiced so much that my right hand my plucking hand has two sweet blisters on the tips of my first two fingers which (hurt) BUT I still cant put this beast down. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range?
At first I expected a piece of junk with a nice paint job and I figured what the hell I'm a beginner anyways. BUT NOPE totally not the case , This Bass guitar is truly one of a kind, Its light with a slim neck design has a wicked paint job and sounds totally awsome . I looked at a bunch of different web pages thousands of different Bass and Electric Guitars and let me tell you, I personally believe that the Amazing work of art (paint job) and the fastest shipping I've ever encountered (literally like 17 hours for delivery) Makes up for the $269. not to mention the great company (American MUSIC Supply) That OFFERS a PAYMENT PLAN ... So yes I believe if you read this review that you should take that chance , JUST DO IT , Purchase the (Skull Crusher) Electric Bass Guitar with the 3 EASY PAYMENT PLAN so you can (PLAY & PAY) and you never have to worry with this Guitar because of the 45 day return and also the Limited Life Time Warranty. WELL WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY ....
How was the action out of the box?
To be Honest I'm new at this but own another Bass and noticed when I strummed the strings that the E string def did't sound right . It sounded like metal on metal . The string was touching the from the 15th Fret all the way to the first one . It almost seemed like the neck was warped but the other 3 strings were fine , so I adjusted the bottom part were the strings come in from . Like I said I'm new to all this so I tightnd the allen screws which raised the black bar and the string. Finally the string was not hitting the frets and I managed to get it tuned with ROCK SMITH 2014 (x-box 360)and got to practice / play. But today I'm taking it to the music store to have a professional look at it and can guarentee fix what I did But other than that headache it plays like a dream,
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