Denon DNHD2500 Dual DJ MP3 Player and Controller

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Product Description

The Denon DN-HD2500 represents the next step in the evolution of DJ gear.
The DN-HD2500 is a professional media player and controller offering a total all-in-one nerve center that attends to and actually anticipates the ever-changing needs of the DJ. Packed with features, the DN-HD2500 is created for any event where professional-quality and flawless performance is required.

Denon DN-HD2500 Features

  • Internal 40gb Hard Drive
    The built-in 40GB hard drive is large enough to store thousands of the most requested songs, allowing the DN-HD2500 to be used as a primary plug and play full-featured compact system or as a backup system for DJ's currently using laptops
  • External USB Device Support
    Supports multiple external USB mass storage class devices direct or via a USB 2.0 hub (sold separately). Connect an iPod, jump drive and large USB hard drives for easy access to small or extensive MP3/WAV libraries. Simply plug in devices to obtain powerful on-board features such as, instant start, seamless looping, scratching and file searching, just to name a few.
  • DN-D4500/DN-D4000 CD Drive Support
    The most popular dual CD/MP3 players, the DN-D4000 and the DN-D4500, are supported natively by the DN-HD2500 and can be easily upgraded. The DN-HD2500 acts as a controller and media center with CD media, internal hard drive and external devices all available at your fingertips.
  • Keyboard Support & and Intuitive File Navigation System
    Supports any standard (Qwerty) USB keyboard for simplified playlist/category creation and song search of: Artist, Album, Title, Genre, Year, and BPM.
  • 4 Superb Built-in Effects
    Easily activate and have full parameter control with a unique dry/wet mix control of the four effects: Flanger, Filter (high-mid-low), Echo and world's first Echo/Loop. Setting the mood on the dance floor and remixing live has never been so easy.
  • 3 Platter Effects
    • Brake (adjustable in real-time)
    • Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time, like a radio edit)
    • Reverse (plays your music backwards)
  • Pitch Range and Deep Pitch Resolution
    For long mix transitions that require high pitch resolution. A .02 percent for the 4 percent pitch range and .05 percent for the 10/16 percent pitch range as well as 24/50/100 percent ranges are also available.

Product Specifications

Denon DN-HD2500 Specifications

  • Playlist Creation
    Powerful on-board playlist function allows you to create, edit and save up to 3 different types of playlist categories
    • Top 40 (load Top 40 hits in this category)
    • Favorite (load 99 most requested hits in this category)
    • Traditional (find your playlists by name or sub category)
  • Software Upgradeable by USB
  • Next File Function with Cross Fade
    Search for your next file by any criteria (without interrupting playback) and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix upon your command. Cross fade time is user adjustable.
  • Multi-Function Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
    • File Searching
    • Scratch Effect
    • Pitch Bend
    • Frame Search
  • 4-Way BPM Counter
    • Auto Beat Detection
    • Manual TAP
    • Manual BPM Input
    • Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata (if available)
  • Memo Function
    Cue point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adjust ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored directly to the file for later recall.
  • Key Adjust
    Keeps vocals and music sounding true even when track speed is adjusted.
  • Two Hot Starts and Seamless Looping
    A1 and A2 can be made on the fly and easily turned into seamless loops and used as stutter points as well.
  • Loop A/B Trim
    The A or B point for the seamless loops can be easily adjusted on-the-fly.
  • Power On Play
    Unattended playback is possible upon power up. Each drive can be used independently for a two zone application.
  • Relay Play
    Unattended playback is possible between both drives.
  • 2-way Pitch Bend
  • Large 3.8 inch Display
    Easy-to-follow bright display provides visual text feedback of modes and parameters making it very intuitive for first-time users to navigate without having to read the manual.
  • Quick Jump
    Jump around within a track/file by precise user-adjustable increment time steps.
  • Two-Way CUE Search System
    Supports traditional Denon Cueing method as well as another popular style.
  • Fader Start
    Compatible with all Denon DJ Mixers
  • Digital outputs
  • Dimensions: 19 inches x 5.2 inches x 5 inches

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Phone:  630-741-0330 Warranty:  1 Year
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