Epiphone Limited Edition Exclusive Run ES335 Pro Electric Guitar

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    Product Description

    The Epiphone ES335 Pro Electric Guitar is a new take on the legendary semi-hollowbody archtop with all the classic ES335 features, but now with Epiphone's Alnico Classic PRO pickups with coil-tapping along with the superb build quality and great sound that you've come to expect from Epiphone. Simply one of the best guitars for the price in this day and age, get the classic sound of an ES335 at an affordable price.

    Epiphone ES335 Pro Electric Guitar Features

    • 5-ply laminated maple/birch Body; 3-ply sides
    • Mahogany 1960s SlimTaper D profile Neck
    • 22 Fret, Rosewood Fingerboard
    • Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO 4-wire pickups
    • Wilkinson Vintage classic 14:1, green tulip tuners

    The original ES335 was a breakthrough guitar design when it was introduced in 1958 with its iconic archtop profile and violin inspired f-holes. The Epiphone ES335 Pro Electric Guitar brings this vintage workhorse into the future with Epiphone's Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers and coil-tapping.  The ES335 is light, loud  and brings a whole new sound to the classic archtop Jazz guitar.

    The Birth of a Rock and Roll Legend
    The original ES335 launched in 1958 and kicked off an incredible era for the legendary Gibson/Epiphone factory located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Along with now-classic Epiphone semi-hollowbody designs like the Epiphone Riviera and the Epiphone Sheraton, the ES335 quickly gained a following among guitar players of all ages. Though perhaps the original designers of the ES335 imagined it might be preferred most by jazz players, the ES335 was quickly embraced by rock, country, and rhythm and blues guitarists in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The original ES335 has the distinction of inspiring not only artists from the early rock and roll era but the '60s blues revival, new wave, Britpop and Americana as well. The few vintage models that have survived are high-price tag collectibles that rarely get out of a glass case. Now, the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. ES335 PRO goes one better than vintage by adding modern features along with Epiphone's superb build quality to go with that classic ES335 sound.

    The Epiphone ES335 Pro Electric Guitar is protected by Epiphone's famous Lifetime Limited Warranty featuring Gibson 24/7/365 Customer Service which guarantees the ES335 PRO from defects in materials or workmanship.

    Product Specifications
    Epiphone ES335 Pro Electric Guitar Specifications
    • Top and Back: 5-ply laminated maple/birch
    • Side: 3-ply laminated maple/birch
    • Neck: mahogany
      • Shape: 1960s SlimTaper D profile
      • Joint: glued in
    • Truss rod: adjustable
      • cover: black Kalamazoo- era bell shape with ES-335 PRO in white and white trim on the edges of the truss rod cover
    • Scale length: 24.75
    • Headstock: Sloped Dovewing with pineapple logo and 60s era Epiphone script
    • Fingerboard: Rosewood with small block inlays
      • Radius: 12 inches
    • Frets: 22 medium jumbo
    • Neck pickup: Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO 4-wire
    • Bridge pickup: Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO 4-wire
    • Controls:
      • Epiphone all-metal 3-way pickup selector
      • Neck pickup volume with push/pull coil-tapping
      • Bridge pickup volume with push/pull coil-tapping
      • Neck pickup tone -Bridge pickup tone
    • Binding: Body top, 1-ply (cream), body back, 1-ply (cream), fingerboard, 1-ply (cream)
    • Bridge: LockTone Tune-o-matic
    • Tailpiece: StopBar
    • Nut: 1.68 inch
    • Hardware: Nickel
    • Machine Heads: Wilkinson Vintage classics, 14:1, green 'tulip' style
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  615-871-4500 Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Randy Hartgraves
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    This is the guitar I was looking for!
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have several guitars but needed just THAT sound for Blues, southern rock and old rock & roll. This ES-335 Pro gives me the sound I was looking for. Coil-splitting gives a great sound although not exactly like a Strat with single coil pickups. After receiving it, I carefully checked for any manufacturing flaws. No problems found, beautiful workmanship. OK, like another reviewer said, the paint around the f-hole was slightly off, but not bad. Overall, I am VERY happy with this guitar. Would highly recommend this guitar!
    Brian Fuller, brifull76@yahoo.com
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Beyond my expectations
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Out of the box payable, great tone and intonation, action was just about right, very versatile guitar to play all your styles!
    Beuford Kelley
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Great guitar
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This guitar is awesome. It came set up well and the intonation was spot on. Fit and finish was excellent. I bought the ebony and it sings, is it a real 335 yes in my opinion. Is it as good as a Gibson, no, but it doesn't cost $4,000. It is worth twice the asking price all day. I'm a professional guitarist and have been playing 40 years. You can play any style of music with this guitar even metal... Buy one!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    money well $pent
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Neck setup is perfect! SOOO easy to play! Running thru a Fender Supersonic. Sounds great on either channel. The coil tap loses volume(same as rest I've tried) on single coil. Recommend RC-booster to remedy. Can play almost any music genre with a little tweaking. Pickups very clear and bright to downright nasty. Great looking guitar too. Did not like color of tuner knobs but that's my taste. The one knock I have is the F holes. Roughly cut out. Made in China ..nuff said. Nobody will notice from stage so... Easily fixed too. Gonna repeat how playable neck and string setups are! $ well spent.
    Aaron R
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstardullstar
    Some issues
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I really wanted to love this guitar. It looks pretty cool, though the color is much less red in person – more brown. The pickup sound pretty good, albeit a little bright, Even in humbucker mode. One minor problem the instrument had was that the F holes look like they'd been painted by a second grader. The paint was fairly inconsistent and did not have clean lines. The significant problem I had with the instrument I received was that I could not get the low E, or G strings to intimate properly. With the saddles extended until they were touching the bridge, those strings were still registering sharp. Seems that the bridge was installed about 1/8th of an inch too close to the nut. I sent it back for an exchange, we'll see how the next one is.
    Jamie T. Erchul
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Fantastic Guitar !
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Very impressed with this guitar. First hat's off to AMS. Very quick ship, guitar packaged well and actually arrived in tune. (close anyway)As for the Es 335, beautiful. The ice tea finish is a wonder to behold. Frets were nice as smooth, very well set up and build. Played a little and loved the many sounds you can get especially with the coil taps. Get one while you can. This one's a keeper.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Odd beginning ends in great guitar!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I had some tuning problems right out of the box. It had been driven (Fed Ex Ground) most of the way across the country in cold January. To keep this short, I later deduced, the nut was cold and possibly shrunk pinching the strings in the slots causing much tuning mayhem. After a frustrating few hours, I put it away in the case. A few more hours, I gave it another chance. Pure perfection - with just a few minor tweaks! Today I played it with my band for three hours - Buck Owens to Beatles... Did not have to re-tune once. Great tones! Nice volume range(hotter than my other guitars). Totally a beautiful, solid guitar! I love to pick Chet Atkins style and this does it getting tones similar to Merle Travis' Super 400! If it has traveled in cold weather, give it time to warm-up. This guitar is well worth it!
    troy whedon, twhedon@juno.com
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    exceeded my expectations
    What is your opinion of this product?
    For the price of this guitar really can't say much bad about it.Fit and finish Are flawless on it.I change the strings on it And did some tweaking on the bridge and neck.This was not necessary I just felt I could get a bit more playability out of it by spending a little time with it.I would recommend this guitar To anyone wanting To get into a hollow body at a reasonable price.Only downside to this guitar is it comes with no case or bag
    Bob T, csharprat@gmail.com
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Well worth the money!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Wow! It's outstanding! I ordered it with 2-day shipping and it arrived on time. It's just what I was hoping for! There's no flaws with the workmanship and its set-up is great! Even the strings are good. I tuned it up and didn't want to put it down! I played it for about an hour and couldn't believe how little I paid for it. I've got several American Strats, including an SRV, and a Gibson Les Paul Classic and this Epi is a keeper! I'll gig with it without hesitation. I highly recommend it!
    Journeyman Guitarist
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I feel like I stole this guitar!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Flawless finish,nice playing feel,good sounding pickups. Surprising quality for the price or even for a fair bit more. My guitar even arrived with excellent setup. Intonation was spot-on. String height/action was perfect for my tastes. No fret buzz anywhere on neck. Just replaced the strings with .10-.46 Ernie Balls. I love the Iced Tea finish. I own two Gibsons('77 LP Custom, '11 SG) - and the only obvious concession to cost on the Epi is the two piece neck(very well done joint at neck/headstock). This does not detract one bit from the overall value of the instrument as far as I am concerned. I love this guitar and find myself playing it more than any of my other guitars(I own about 15 - Gibson, Fender, Martin, Ovation(USA made), Takamine, Ibanez and Epiphone). Perhaps I just got lucky on the factory set-up - I don't know. Usually I find I have to have my guitars professionally set-up on a new purchase. Not this time.
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