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Item #: EVA TT12EC2S Mfr# TT12EC2S

Evans EC2S Edge Control with SST Clear Drum Head - 12 Inch

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Product Description

The Evans EC series is Evans' most popular new technology, loudly heralded by the drum industry.
Denoting edge control, the 2-ply, 7-mil EC2 heads incorporate a proprietary design on the underside circumference that tweaks desired overtones and eliminates unwanted ones. Not merely a blanket pre-muffling system, the EC-treated head is fine-tuned to retain a focused fundamental while retaining contemporary ambience, sustain, and sensitivity.

An Edge Control ring isolates and dampens higher overtones, enhances low-end and attack, and enables broader tuning and dynamic ranges. Unlike conventionally damped heads, the EC2 will not choke at higher tuning ranges, or loose its full-bodied presence when tuned low.

The EC2 Coated heads feature a translucent frosted coating that provides warm tone and additional focus. The EC concept is really a contemporary alternative. It's not a haphazard muffling system but a true, targeted tone enhancement. Its twin-ply with 7mil layers makes it the same as Evans clear EC2 head, but the translucent coating answers a call from drummers for a coated EC2, makes an amazing tonal difference, and simply looks great.

The Coated Snare Drum Head with Reverse Dot is a futuristic innovation in drumhead and overall drum sound. EC Snare heads combine two-plies of film (6.5mil external, 10mil internal) with Evan's Edge Control technology to produce a controlled sound while retaining resonance and sensitivity at all tuning and dynamic ranges. The addition of a specially designed patch on the Reverse Dot model lends extra durability, focus, and attack in the center.

At its heart, says Evans Product Manager Michael Robinson, the EC head is not damped. It's treated around the edges to tweak the overtones and response. For snare drums it's particularly effective and yields a pre-EQ'd sound that will please both player and sound engineer.

Get 3 drum heads in a convenient package with the EC2 Fusion and EC2 Standard Packages. The Fusion includes 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch heads, while the Standard includes 12 inch, 13 inch, and 16 inch heads.

The EC2 Edge Control Drum Heads with SST Sound Shaping Technology provide dampening of your sound for a more optimized performance out of your drums. The SST gives you control over your ring thickness, density and width to providing the ability to remove certain annoying frequencies from your drum. Full optimization of attack, tone, length of sustain and tuning ease from each head size gives you the the sound of pre-EQ’d toms perfect for live sound and recording.

EC2 Edge Control Heads with SST Features

  • Control ring thickness, density and width
  • Increases tuning and dynamic range
  • Enhances attack, tone and ease of tuning
  • Optimizes performance of each head size
  • Creates a balanced and pre-EQ’d sound
Evans Drum Heads; The First, The Finest, The Future
Evans Drumheads has been in the music industry for more than 40 years, and those six words best describe the history and vision of the company. Decades ago, Evans was the pioneer of drumhead manufacturing and design. Today, they are the innovators.

Lou from La Quinta, CA. USA
Overall Rating
I love the tight sound of an Evans head.
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