Godin LGXT Electric Guitar with Gig Bag

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    Product Description

    The unprecedented power of this instrument comes from its combination of electric guitar sounds, acoustic guitar sounds, and fast guitar synth tracking. This combination of fast synth tracking and a tremolo system makes for incredible sonic power and delivers it in a very user-friendly package.

    Godin LGXT Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Features

    • Mahogany neck with Ebony Fingerboard
    • AA Flame Maple Top with Silver Leaf Maple body
    • Seymour Duncan Custom Humbuckers
    • Custom RMC Bridge with Pre-Amp EQ for: Acoustic Volume, Treble, Mid-Range and Bass controls
    • Magnetic Output, 13-pin Synth Output, X-Bridge/Mix Output
    • Electronics Include: 5-Way switch, Guitar volume, Tone, Synth volume, Program up/down, 3-Way
    The LGXT is a multi-voiced guitar. A jack-of-all-trades, and master of all of them, the LGXT's incredible sound power begins with three distinct voices: electric guitar, acoustic guitar and synth controller.

    *Throughout this manual we refer to the humbuckers as magnetics. The acoustic pickups found on the LGXT are referred to as bridge transducers.

    Electric guitars are actually acoustic instruments. Perhaps not particularly loud, but the point here is that if a solid body guitar does not sound good un-plugged then it won't be saved by a great set of pickups and a good amp. There are many factors that contribute to the un-plugged sound of a solid body guitar but most of the response of the instrument comes as a result of the wood used along with fit and finish.

    Godin guitars are made using only solid wood. Guitars made from plywood or particle-board tend to lack sustain and can be somewhat muffled sounding.

    A blend of tone-woods is used in the body of the LGXT. The body is made of a silver leaf maple center with poplar wings and a figured maple carved top.

    Neck Fit/Pitch
    The angle of the neck attachment - called pitch - has a huge impact on sound, a slight tilt forward will cause the guitar to sound boomy, a slight tilt backwards can make the guitar sound tinny. Equally important is the fit of the neck into the body. Godin guitars are renowned for tight-fitting neck attachments that support excellent neck/body energy transfer and precise neck pitch.

    Honduras Mahogany has a long history as the tone-wood of choice for acoustic guitar necks. The same properties that give mahogany its appeal in an acoustic guitar namely a warm harmonically rich sound have a similar effect in a solid body electric guitar.

    The LGXT neck features our Ergocut shaping technique which bevels the edges of the fingerboard and frets back in towards the center of the fingerboard providing an extremely comfortable “worn-in” feel.

    Ebony Fingerboard
    The ebony fingerboard on the LGXT not only contributes to a more focused sound, but also helps to optimize the guitar's synth tracking capabilities.

    The Electric Voices
    The LGXT delivers electric sounds via 2 Seymour Duncan humbucker pick-ups (SH II jazz in the neck and a Custom III in the bridge) thanks to a special 5-way switch set-up, extra meaty humbucker tones co-exist with glassy single coil sounds in the second and forth position.

    The Acoustic and Synth Voices
    Turn down the electric volume and raise the volume on the transducer saddles and the LGXT becomes an incredibly authentic-sounding 'acoustic' guitar. The acoustic voice of the LGXT is enhanced by an onboard preamp with a three-way graphic EQ. The two outputs are set up so that the electric and acoustic voices can be blended in the guitar using a single patch cord or at the amp/mixer using both outputs. The third voice on the LGXT comes in the form of its synth tracking, which simply put, is the best in the business. As with all of Godin synth-ready instruments, a built-in 13-pin connector provides direct access to all Roland GR-Series synths as well as most other 13-pin devices.

    The LGXT features 3 output jacks:
      Output #1 is a regular 1/4" electric guitar output

      Output #2 is a 13-Pin output and is capable of carrying all three voices (electric, acoustic, synth). The 13-pin cable can be used in conjunction with GR Series guitar synths and most other 13- pin devices.

      Output #3 is a dual function jack. Used on its own it serves as a mix output carrying the signal from the acoustic bridge transducers as well as the magnetic pickups. Separate volume controls on the guitar make it easy to mix the two signals.

    Product Specifications
    Godin LGXT Electric Guitar Specifications
    • Top nut: Tusq by Graphtech
    • Nut width: 1 11/16"
    • Scale: 25 1/2"
    • Radius: 16"
    • Tuners: High ratio front-loaded locking tuners.
    • String Gauge: Godin Nickel electric strings 10-46
    • Frets: Medium Nickel
    • Pickups: 2 x Seymour Duncan humbuckers (SH II jazz in the neck and a Custom III in the bridge)
    • Bridge: Hexophonic Transducers with Custom Godin pre-amp
    • Body: Silver leaf maple center with poplar wings and a figured maple carved top
    • Neck: Mahogany
    • Fingerboard: Ebony
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Non-Transferable; All electronic components, tuning machines, hardware, cases, and case hardware are warranted for one (1) year
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