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IK Multimedia Stomp IO USB Foot Controller and Interface

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Product Description

Includes a superior software bundle with over 150 gear models!

StompIO ships with AmpliTube 2, Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, AmpliTube Metal* (*only for previously registered AmpliTube 2 users) and AmpliTube X-GEAR that's over 150 ultra-realistic gear models and 180,000 amp combinations! That's over $1,800 worth of software! AmpliTube X-GEAR lets you combine all the included models into a single interface, giving you 51 stomps, 26 amps, 33 cabinets, 11 mics and 23 rack FX, more than any other product, plus an extra bundle of bonus software

The IK Multimedia Stomp IO is a cutting edge, stage-ready, guitar/bass amp and FX system.
StompIO brings hardware control of software amp and FX to the highest level of integration, providing the same feeling of playing your guitar or bass through traditional hardware gear, but with tremendous advantages over classic processors. This PC/Mac based guitar and bass effects system offers incomparable sound quality, flexibility, expandability, upgradeability, portability and number/management of presets, in respect of traditional guitar and bass gear.

You can finally play live with ultimate amp and FX modeling software and an unprecedented sound quality, power and flexibility-which will revolutionize your stage and studio guitar and bass rigs. Immediately access thousands of amp combinations and hundreds of effects with fully selectable and configurable stomp boxes, amp-heads, cabinets + mics and rack effects. All of this can be used as standalone software for live play or integrated as a plug-in with the most popular DAWs such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Live and more.

The StompIO, USB floor controller and audio interface, gives you the ability to control the 5 current Powered by AmpliTube software/plug-ins (AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube Metal and AmpliTube 2 Live) and also future packages, with the same feeling of a traditional hardware floor processor - no need to even look at the computer screen or touch the mouse - for a combination of hardware and software making it the most powerful guitar amp and FX system ever made.

In a stage-ready, heavy-metal enclosure, StompIO offers superior sound, thanks to its console-grade audio features (with up to -110dB S/N ratio), Class-A DI guitar/bass input, MIDI IN/OUT for integration within any traditional guitar rig, SPDIF out for digital recording, direct monitoring and 4 stereo outs (balanced/unbalanced).

Since there is no need to look at the computer screen or use the mouse, StompIO can be operated with the same feeling of controlling a traditional hardware processor. Get full hands-on software control with its 6 rotary encoders, 2 large LCD displays and 5 navigation buttons. Fly through its 4,000 presets and control any parameter of any rig, stomp, amp, cabinet, mic and rack effect of all Powered by AmpliTube plug-ins effortlessly, from the 10 smooth-operation stomp-switches. And if this is not enough, StompIO can also add up to 6 expression pedals for a total of up to 16 foot-controls. All of this makes the StompIO the most advanced USB floor controller for software-based guitar and bass processing.

Stomp IO Controls

Stomp IO Connections

Easy to use, with 4,000 presets ready to go, and can be played live or fully integrated with your preferred sequencer in your studio.
Connect your guitar, your computer and speakers and start rockin’ with some of the best sounding effects on the planet! With StompIO you can play live with up to 4,000 immediately recallable presets. Multiple preset switching modes are offered to suit your needs and create settings to your taste. An unlimited number of sequences can be programmed to organize your live performances easily. The possibility to reconfigure extremely complex rigs with just one click allows you to dramatically change sound during performances like no other traditional rig. Additionally, the StompIO can be perfectly integrated within your preferred sequencer in your studio allowing you to fully control AmpliTube while recording entire guitar tracks with full automation, on the fly. Interact like you would with a traditional hardware rig, but with the advantage of non-destructive recording and full editing.

Product Specifications

Controls list

  • 4 digits large LED display
  • 2x40 characters LCD display
  • Volume knob
  • 3 LEDs input level meter
  • 4 navigation buttons
  • Instant Tuner recall button
  • 6 rotary encoders
  • 10 foot switches
  • Ability to connect 6 external controllers, with pedal/switch connections

Connection list

  • Ultra-low latency USB (<10ms)
  • Instrument input
  • Direct out
  • Unbalanced stereo out
  • Balanced stereo out
  • Digital S/PDIF out
  • Headphones out
  • MIDI in/out
  • 6 external controllers, pedal/switches

Stomp IO Audio features

  • 24 bit A/D - D/A conversion
  • 44.1 or 48 kHz operation
  • >102 dB SNR
  • >100 dB dynamic range
  • Class A discrete input preamp
  • High end A/D - D/A stages
  • High performance analog circuitry
  • True +4dBu balanced outputs

Stomp IO System Requirements

Power PC based Macintosh

  • Minimal: 866 MHz G4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • Suggested: dual 1.25 GHz G4 or G5 processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS

Intel based Macintosh

  • Minimal: 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
  • Suggested: 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
  • Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS


  • Minimal: Pentium 1GHz / Athlon XP 1.33 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, Windows XP / Vista or later.
  • Suggested: Pentium 2.4 GHz / Athlon XP 2.4 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, Windows XP / Vista or later.
  • Supported Plug-in formats: VST, RTAS

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