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Marshall MA50H Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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Product Description

The Marshall MA50H guitar amplifier head is the perfect choice for your first all tube amplifier or for the touring musician. The MA50H provides the iconic warmth and power of Marshall's all-tube flagship series plus it is built to survive the road. The easy to use MA50H guitar amplifier head delivers that classic Marshall tone at an affordable price. 

Attractive Looks
The aesthetics of the MA have been specially designed to create a look that stands apart from most other amplifiers from Marshall, while still retaining the essence of what people have become familiar with for over 45 years. Two orange LED’s illuminate the interior of the unit, highlighting the power valves. This effect is visible through the fret cloth where the trusty white script logo is mounted onto a solid piece of transparent Perspex.

Tube Power And Tone Simply Executed
MA amplifiers are powered using the traditional Marshall mainstays of ECC83 double triode valves in the preamp, and EL34 pentode valves in the power amp. The layout and controls are kept simple, allowing you to explore unhindered the full potential of the all-valve tone within. The amplifier benefits from separate equalisation stages for both the Clean channel and Overdrive channel allowing you to optimally adjust each one without compromising the other. An extra benefit has been provided in the form of a valve driven ‘Boost’ function on the OD channel giving you, for example, a solo boost with more volume and gain. The amp also contains a spring reverb for use with all channels within the amp.

Intuitive And Practical In Use
The MA series was designed with the flexible control demanded by today’s players in mind but with a streamlined feature set to keep it cost effective.

Whether in your own home or gigging, setting up the sounds and relative levels is very easy;

Starting at the Overdrive Channel with the Boost enabled. This mode can deliver the highest gain and offers some real mean Marshall signature grind for effortless soloing or powerful metal riffing. Set all EQ controls and Crunch Balance to 12 o’clock for now. Turn up the Volume and Gain to get your sound at the required level when playing solos. Fine tune that sound with the EQ including the Presence and Resonance controls.

When you are happy with your solo mode then disengage the boost to give you your rhythm or crunch sound. The volume and gain of this mode is further controlled by the Crunch Balance, (this control does not affect the Boosted mode). The Crunch Balance enables a player to preset the gain/volume difference between their rhythm and solo modes and the key to success is the careful balancing of the Overdrive Volume, Gain and Crunch Balance controls.

Finally, the Clean Channel with its own dedicated EQ section can be set to match up with the Overdrive channel.

The supplied footswitch assists live performance by allowing the player to toggle between settings; i.e. Clean to Overdrive, Clean to Boosted Overdrive and Overdrive to Boosted Overdrive ensuring maximum versatility.

Even though the MA range is designed as a no frills all-valve guitar amplifier, Marshall have included a couple of extra features that allow for yet more versatility in this amplifier range, ensuring the MA really does offer the best choice.

In addition to the all-valve pre-amp and power amp tone achievable, MA amplifiers are equipped with an onboard spring reverb tank which allows you to add an extra dimension to your sound. The reverb chosen perfectly compliments the valve tone of the amplifier and using the front panel reverb level control you can dial in how much you need for your own taste.

As well as an outstanding onboard reverb, all MA amplifiers are equipped with a serial external effects loop for guitarists who want to add effects units into their sound. The nominal level of -10dBV is suited to stomp boxes primarily but not exclusively.

Product Specifications
Product Features MA50 Head
Power Output 50 Watts
Peamp Valves 3 x ECC83
Poweramp Valves 2 x EL34
Channels 2
Clean Channel Controls Volume
Overdrive Channel Controls Volume
Master Controls Presence
Overdrive Channel Boost Yes
Footswitch (supplied) Channel Select/Boost Yes
Serial FX Loop
(-10dBV nominal level)
Speaker Output Options 16 and 8 ohms
Internal Speakers N/A

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  877-459-0170 Warranty:  5 Years Parts; 3 Years Labor & Speakers; 90 Days Tubes; 1 Year MS2, MS4 & Effects Pedals; 1 Year B-Stock
Skidoo90 from Silvis IL
Overall Rating
Playability and Feel
Good amp-Great price
Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable?
Very well made cabinet with some weight to it,With its long length its made to sit on a Marshall full size cab.Only issue I had was my LED lights were not working.Took the back off,Snugged up the bulbs and unplugged/replugged back in.They work now.Must have been bumped loose somewhere in shipping.
How has it stood up over time?
Been Great!!! I couldn't agree more with the reviewer that said this amp needs a break in period.The more I play through it,The better it sounds.I have 2- 412 cabs,1- is an Acoustic lead and the other I just received yesterday The Marshall M412.The M412 is made especially for the MA series heads.Sounds SO much better through the Marshall cab.This amp is one of those that are not just Plug and Play.Take your time and work with the EQ and Presence,Resonance,Reverb knobs and you will find what your looking for.Other then The LED lights not working as mentioned,NO Problems!!!!
Your general opinion of this product.
For the price,Its great!!Pretty much a 3-channel amp with the boost.Only amp with a Crunch balance to seperate Vol/Gain levels of overdrive and boost.The boost does take it into over the top gain.Free 2- button footswitch for Clean/Overdrive and Boost modes.The more I play it the better it sounds.My Jet City HDM has been sitting idle since I bought this.
Playability and Feel
How does it feel, Heavy, Fast, Chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing?
Great! Take your time and find your tone.It's in there you just have to find it.Give it some breaking in time and it only gets BETTER sounding!!
Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin?
Great British Marshall tone.Cleans through this head are unreal for a Marshall.Fender good.The overdive people complain about needs some tweeking to find your tone and the Break in period is important also.The more I play through it the Better it Sounds.
How did the stain or paint job look?
Mine was Perfect,Not a blemish I could find on it.Nice black tolex with black piping.The orange LEDs light up the whole inside of the cabinet and really looks AWESOME.
How was the action out of the box?
Mine gets LOTS of action.Play through it eveyday since I got it.The more ya play through it,The better it sounds!!!!
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Sorry! This item is no longer available.