Godlyke PA9 Universal Pedal Power Supply

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Product Description

The Godlyke PA-9 Power-All uses digital switching technology to provide high power in an extremely compact casing with zero noise and zero heat dissipation. The PA-9’s advanced circuitry “steps down” high line voltages to 9-volts and automatically supplies the required amount of current. This is the same type of technology that is used in compact power amps to provide very high wattage in a single rack space chassis. The PA-9’s whopping 1.7 Amp current capability allows it to power a virtually unlimited number of 9-volt effects, including Line 6 modeling stompboxes.

The Godlyke PA-9 Power-All comes complete with the following -
1 x 9-volt, 1.7 Amp power supply with 6’ heavy duty power cord (industry standard tip negative/barrel positive polarity)
1 x 5-connector daisy chain cable with 12” leads between jacks (industry standard tip negative/barrel positive polarity)
2 x Reverse Polarity (tip positive/barrel negative) Barrel connector Jumper cords (red) - For use w/older Dunlop, certain Fulltone, etc.
2 x Battery plug (reverse polarity) Jumper cords (grey) - For use w/older effects and new boutique units that lack DC jacks (older Ibanez, older MXR, Z-Vex, etc.) - connects directly onto pedal’s battery clip.
2 x 1/8” Phone Plug (Tip Positive/sleeve negative) Jumper cords (blue) – for use w/old DOD, Pro Co Rat, certain EH, etc.
1 x Standard Polarity (tip negative/barrel positive) Barrel connector Jumper cord (Black) - Extension cord for use w/larger, irregular sized units.
1 x Reverse Polarity (Tip Positive/Barrel negative) Barrel Connector Jumper cord (Green) - for use w/Line 6 modelers, etc. Male Barrel plug has larger internal diameter.

Please check your units power requirement specifications before connecting it to the Power-All.

NOTE - Line 6, Dunlop, Fulltone, Ibanez, MXR, Z-Vex, DOD, Pro Co, Rat, EH are all registered trademarks of their respective companies and their usage in this publication implies no endorsement by or affiliation with Godlyke, Inc.

Other features:

  • 9-volt, 1.7 Amp supply - Can power over twenty 9-volt effect pedals or similar devices (actual # of units depends on current draw of individual pedals used).
  • Can replace Boss PSA-120, Boss ACA-120, and DOD PS-200R, Morley 9V, DanElectro DA-1, Dunlop ECB- 03, Ibanez AC-109, Guyatone AC-2, Maxon AC210N, or just about any other 9-volt power supply.
  • No transformer, thus no heat dissipation or noise (60 cycle hum) Takes up only one outlet socket space (unlike typical “wall wart” adaptors)
  • Can run off any Mains supply (100-240v), thus no need for power transformers when travelling abroad.
  • Has all necessary national safety certifications - UL, CUL, etc. (see unit for listing).
  • Includes 5-connector daisy chain cable to power multiple effects units from one supply (additional cables available separately).

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