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M Audio Pro Tools M Powered Recording Software

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Product Description

M Audio Pro Tools M Powered is an exciting new version of Digidesign's award-winning Pro Tools software created specifically to work with select M Audio hardware interfaces.
This groundbreaking combination for Windows XP and Mac OS X lets you customize the compact mobile multi-channel studio of your dreams, while being compatible with countless Pro Tools-equipped project and professional studios around the world. As easy to use as it is powerful, Pro Tools M-Powered software includes many of the same features that top studios rely on to produce Grammy-winning albums and Academy Award-winning film sound. Together, M-Audio hardware and Pro Tools M-Powered software deliver the seamless workflow of moving sessions between home, studio, stage and road.

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Pro Tools

Pro Tools M-Powered Features
  • Supports select M-Audio interfaces, including Audiophile 192, Audiophile 2496, FireWire 410, FireWire 1814, Ozonic, FireWire Solo, FireWire Audiophile, Delta 1010, Delta 1010LT, Delta 44, and Delta 66
  • Work anywhere, anytime - seamless workflow between studio, stage, home and the road
  • Instant compatibility with Pro Tools TDM and LE systems around the world
  • Award-winning audio recording, editing, and mixing
  • Fully integrated MIDI sequencing
  • Easily accepts ReWire output stream directly from applications like Ableton Live for further mixing and processing
  • Unique Beat Detective LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
  • Supports Digidesign’s Command|8 control surface for hands-on mixing
  • Huge selection of optional plug-ins and applications available from Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partners
  • Works on Windows XP and Mac OS X systems
  • Pre-authorized iLok copy protection device included
  • Ships with over 30 free RTAS and AudioSuite plug-ins, including EQ, dynamics, delays, reverb and more:
    • Bomb Factory: BF76, Essential Clip Remover, Essential Correlation, Essential Meter Bridge, Essential Noise Meter, Essential Tuner, Funk Logic Masterizer
    • DigiRack: Chorus, Click, DigiReWire, Dither, D-Verb, D-Verb-AS, Dynamics II, EQ II, Flanger, Invert-Duplicate, Mod Delay II, Multi-Tap Delay, Normalize-Gain Change, Ping-Pong Delay, Reverse-DC Removal, Signal Generator, Time Comp-Exp-Pitch Shift, Trim
*Pro Tools M-Powered software requires a supported M-Audio hardware interface to function.

Produce with the Industry Standard - Anywhere, Anytime
The combination of M Audio gear and Pro Tools M-Powered lets you work anywhere, anytime with the industry standard in music production software. You can open sessions created in Pro Tools M Powered software with any Windows XP or Mac OS X based Digidesign Pro Tools TDM or LE system, giving you unprecedented production options for your music. Seamlessly collaborate with other musicians using Pro Tools M-Powered or Pro Tools LE systems. Easily take your projects to a Pro Tools HD-equipped recording studio to have it mixed by a pro. Or take your pro studio projects home or on the road with you, even use them as backing tracks on stage. With Pro Tools M Powered, owners of select M Audio interfaces instantly become members of the largest community of digital audio workstation users in the world.
M Powered Controls

Pro Tools M-Powered Efficiency and Ease-of-Use
  • logical, streamlined menu navigation
  • Tool Tips provide rollover descriptions of interface objects
  • Easy dragging and dropping of audio, MIDI, REX, and ACID files from the desktop to the timeline
  • Drag multiple regions onto a single track simultaneously
  • Quickly applying track-level commands globally across multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Fast Region List searches including history
  • Duplicate Tracks dialog streamlines defining how many tracks, and which track parameters, to duplicate
  • Built-in DigiBase file management tool organizes audio and MIDI files according to attributes such as tempo; includes importing of Red Book audio CDs
  • Up to 999 Markers/Memory Locations
  • multi-lingual support in user interface
Flexible and Portable - More Choices for You
A variety of M Audio PCI and Fire Wire hard w a re interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools M Powered software, giving you more choices in where, when and how you work. For basic, high-fidelity I/O on the desktop, for instance, check out the venerable Audiophile 2496 and Audiophile 192 PCI cards. M Audio’s Fire Wire mobile interfaces let you easily put together a multi-channel studio-to go - 4-in/10-out on the Fire Wire 410 and 18-in/14-out on the Fire Wire 1814. The Ozonic even integrates a Fire Wire audio/MIDI interface and mic/instrument preamp with a full-featured 37-key MIDI controller keyboard. Plus, M Audio Fire Wire peripherals are powered from the computer’s Fire Wire bus*, providing a new variety of completely portable, go-anywhere Fire Wire-based Pro Tools workstations.
(*6-pin Fire Wire port required)

Integrated MIDI Sequencing
Most M Audio audio interfaces also support MIDI - and Pro Tools M Powered software's fully integrated MIDI sequencer allows you to record, edit and mix up to 256 MIDI tracks alongside your audio tracks. Launch your favorite instrument plug-in to get the sound you want. Engage loop recording to quickly develop a multi-layered drum pattern, then use Groove Quantize to give it the right feel. Switch to Step Input to lay down a difficult passage. With M-Audio interfaces and Pro Tools M Powered, your MIDI composing options are wide open.

Professional Recording, Editing and Mixing
M Audio hardware enthusiasts can use Pro Tools M Powered software to tap the powerful recording, editing, and mixing features of Pro Tools. With up to 32 simultaneous tracks of 16- or 24-bit digital audio, and support for up to 96kHz, Pro Tools M Powered is an ideal companion for M-Audio interfaces and audio interface keyboards, whether recording solo or entire bands.

M Powered Edit

Once you’ve finished your recording, you can fine-tune your performances with Pro Tools’ unmatched nondestructive editing tools. Shape sounds, compose parts, and add effects with RTAS instrument and effects plug-ins. Create polished mixes with professional mixing features and full mixer automation.

Automatically analyze and tighten percussion tracks with Beat Detective LE.
Quantizing MIDI data is one thing, but did you know that Pro Tools M Powered also enables you to quantize audio? With Beat Detective LE, you can automatically analyze and tighten your rhythm tracks. You can even create groove templates from other loops or songs and apply them to your own material. With Pro Tools M Powered 7, you’ve got the tools you need to create professional mixes wherever you want to take your music.
Beat Detective
Beat Detective
Plug-ins Galore
Pro Tools M Powered software not only provides access to award-winning Pro Tools software - you’re also instantly able to take advantage of a variety of RTAS and Audio Suite plug-ins designed by the recording industry's largest professional third-party developer community. Track with powerful host-based vintage instruments like GForce’s Oddity and Minimonsta. Add spice with Wizoo’s Latigo and Darbuka virtual percussionists. And polish your mixes with affordable effects and mastering plug-ins like iZotope Ozone and Spectrum that surpass even expensive hardware.

Pro Tools M Powered also includes more than 30 DigiRack and Bomb Factory plug-ins right out of the box, including EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb, and many more. You can even take advantage of the huge selection of VST plug-ins on the market via FXpansion’s VST-to-RTAS Adapter.

BF76 Peak Limiter

ReWire for Ableton Live
Fans of Ableton Live will love Pro Tools M Powered’s ability to accept Live's output via ReWire for further mixing and processing. You get the best of both worlds - Ableton Live’s incredibly fluid real-time writing, production and remixing environment along with the industry standard in tracking, editing and mixing.

Product Specifications
Pro Tools M-Powered Specifications
  • Compatibility
    • ReWire
    • RTAS
    • AudioSuite
  • Minimum System Requirements (PC)
    • Digidesign-qualified M-Audio system
    • Digidesign-qualified computer running Windows XP*
  • Minimum System Requirements (MAC)
    • Digidesign-qualified M-Audio system
    • Digidesign-qualified computer running Mac OS X*
    • Minimum 1GB RAM required for use with Intel Core Macs
  • Sampling Rate: up to 96kHz
  • Bit Depth: 16 and 24
  • Audio Tracks: 32 simultaneous
  • MIDI Tracks: 256 simultaneous
*For the most current system requirements, compatibility information, and online support, visit

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  401-658-5765 Warranty:  1 Year except cables, bags and backpacks (90 days)
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