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Behringer Ultrabass BXL900 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Behringer BXL900 Ultrabass wedge is the perfect solution when a stack is too high and a practice amp just isn't enough. It's also affordable!
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Product Description

The Behringer BXL900 Ultrabass is a 90-Watt, 2-channel bass workstation with an original BUGERA™ 12-inch Speaker and Behringer's FBQ Spectrum Analyzer and Ultrabass Processor.
When a stack is too high and a practice amp just doesn’t cut it, then this truly affordable wedge-shaped Bass Workstation with a powerful 12-inch special high-impact cone speaker is exactly right!

With 90 Watts of output horsepower, your performance will never run out of breath. And it’s fully loaded: one clean and one distortion channel with full control, a 7-band EQ with a revolutionary See-What-You-Play FBQ frequency indicator that immediately shows you which bass frequency corresponds with which fader on your EQ to allow you instant sound shaping and a switchable Ultrabass subharmonics processor are just a few of the feature highlights.

A musical limiter guarantees playing without distortion on the clean channel even at the highest volume levels. You can use the separate headphone output whenever you need to keep your music just to yourself.

Behringer BXL900 Ultrabass Features

  • Powerful 90-Watt 2-channel bass workstation in wedge-shaped cabinet
  • Original BUGERA™ 12-inch special high-impact cone speaker
  • Clean channel with dedicated Gain control
  • Distortion channel with dedicated Gain, Shape and Level controls
  • Ultra-musical, active 7-band graphic EQ with FBQ Spectrum Analyzer
  • Revolutionary See what you play FBQ frequency indicator for instant sound shaping
  • Switchable Ultrabass subharmonics processor for unbelievable low-end power
  • Musical opto-limiter for ultimate volume without distortion
  • Separate headphone output - perfect for quiet practicing
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  702-800-8290 Warranty:  1 Year (3 year when you register online at Behringer)
Overall Rating
Excellent Sound, Excellent Value
What is your overall opinion of this product?
The BXL900 is an excellent amp -- a lot of power, great tone, and low price.
What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music?
It's a two-channel amp, and the second channel is especially versatile because it includes graphic EQ and a "shape" dial that controls the thickness of the sound.
Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features?
In addition to the "shape" dial, there's an "ultrabass" setting, which doubles the sound by adding a note an octave below the note you've played.
How is the sound quality? How does the sound compare to other products you've use?
Overall, the sound quality is exceptional -- deep, rich, and warm -- and the ultrabass setting, though not perfect for all occasions, gives higher notes a funky vibe.
Are the controls logically laid out?
Layout of controls is logical and intuitive.
How is the tone? Distortion vs clean?
Clean tones are full and rich. Distortion has a warm tube-like feel.
Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range?
I got the "dent and scratch" discount, so I paid a bit less than full price. Honestly, though, I can't find a single dent or scratch on the unit.
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$179.95 - $199.99