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Pro Mark 747 American Hickory Drum Sticks

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Product Description

These sticks are made of American hickory, the most preferred hickory for drumsticks (it comes from the Southeastern United States). The specific gravity of hickory is 0.82 at 15% moisture content. It is considered to be a "hardwood" even though it is not as dense or heavy as oak. This does not make hickory better or worse than oak. It's just different. That difference becomes a personal preference for the drummer.

All Pro-Mark sticks and accessories are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship, including warpage. Their nylon tips are guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or fall off the stick. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all Pro-Mark products!

Choosing the "best" drumstick is a very personal decision. Many drummers have not yet discovered how much better they could play using the correct stick. It's not unusual for professionals to use 2 or 3 different models or more.

Factors to consider when choosing a drumstick include density, straightness of grain, type of wood, weight, length, diameter, wood or nylon tip, plus the intangibles of balance and "feel". When selecting a stick, look for a good quality hardwood with the grain running uniformly from butt to bead. The kind of wood selected will have a great deal to do with the feel, the balance, the sound and the longevity of the stick. Some drummers prefer the natural sound of wood tips. Others prefer nylon tips for a bright, cymbal sound and longer tip life. Be sure to select a high quality nylon tip for the best sound and service . Determine the size drumstick that best fits your hand, both in diameter and length. Remember, you're looking for comfort and a stick you can control that also gives you the sound you want. Try several different sizes for comparison before you decide to buy. After you become more experienced, you will probably find a specific brand and a particular model which best suits you for most playing situations. Your teacher or local music store can help guide you.

What are your volume requirements? A jazz trio or 18-piece band? A rock group or a marching band? Perhaps a symphony orchestra? The proper stick for each situation will differ. Feel the sticks. Hold them in your hands. Tap each on a solid surface like glass or wood to hear the pitch and "feel" the wood. Avoid sticks that feel or sound hollow. Evenness of weight is usually preferred ... both sticks the same. Sticks that sound the same when tapped generally weigh the same. Test the sticks for straightness. Roll them on a flat, smooth surface. Too many drummers buy sticks by only rolling them ... without ever picking them up and feeling them. Wrong! Feel and roll (or roll and feel), but never buy on rolling alone. A good solid feeling drumstick, even though not perfectly straight, is much better than a straight stick that feels hollow or weak. Excessively warped sticks should be avoided. Natural wood varies in color. Once you learn what feels right for you, the color of the wood won't matter. From time to time you may try new models and different brands. There are now so many choices you should find it easy to obtain the proper sticks to meet your needs. Important! Select a quality brand and a model you can be reasonably certain will be available in the future from your local store or when you're on the road. Whether your sound is heavy metal or light rock, hot funk or cool jazz, or if you march to the beat of a different drummer, Pro-Mark has the drumstick that's just right for you.

About Pro-Mark
Pro-Mark is the largest manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to the design, production, and distribution of drumsticks, mallets, and percussion accessories. That's ALL they make!

Pro-Mark is the only drumstick manufacturer that offers three types of wood: American hickory, Japanese Shira Kashi white oak, and American rock maple.

Pro-Mark is the only drumstick manufacturer that employs a special process (called "Millennium II") that:
a) Strengthens the wood
b) Reduces the liklihood of warpage
c) Makes the sticks more consistent from piece to piece.

Pro-Mark is the only drumstick manufacturer that offers a WRITTEN "Performance Guarantee" that states basically "If you are unhappy with a Pro-Mark product, we'll make it right."

Pro-Mark is the only drumstick manufacturer that offers its customers a toll-free "Drummers Hotline" and encourages them to call them with any, repeat, ANY questions.

Pro-Mark uses specially designed high-speed precision lathes to cut out sticks. Other manufacturers use centerless grinders that heat the dowels so much during the turning process that they must be soaked in water to prevent burning.

Pro-Mark is the first drumstick manufacturer to recognize the importance of, and become involved with, competitive indoor percussion. Pro-Mark designed the first indoor marching stick (TXDC12i), and now offer the most extensive line of indoor marching sticks and mallets. ProMark products are the "official" sticks and mallets for WGI Sport Of The Arts.

Pro-Mark is the only drumstick manufacturer to offer "certification" to teachers and percussion specialists for it's product line.

Although they embrace the most advanced computer technology to weigh and tone-match our sticks, Pro-Mark also hand-inspects and touches EVERY stick they make up to 7 times throughout the production process.

Pro-Mark's Future Pro and Discovery Series sticks and mallets caters to the future drummers of the world with a full line of sticks and mallets designed especially for smaller hands.

Product Specifications


  • Length: 16-1/4" (412 mm)
  • Diameter: 9/16" (14 mm)

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  713-666-2525 Warranty: 
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