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Quilter MicroPro MP200-8 Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Product Description

The MicroPro 200 eight inch guitar amplifier is hard to describe and is almost something you have to experience to believe. Even then you might still think your ears are deceiving you. Never before has so much power, dynamics, articulation, harmonics and beauty come from anything so small and light.

Quilter MicroPro MP200-8 Guitar Combo Amplifier Features

  • Portable: 18.6 pounds H14.5 in. x W17.5 in. x D9.75 in.
  • Powerful: 100 watts per channel
  • Reliable: Won't degrade or breakdown
  • Consistent: Incredible tone at any volume
  • Flexible: Works with any impedance extension speaker or even without one
  • Tone: Used on countless tours and in studios
  • Each MicroPro comes standard with a padded ballistic nylon slip cover and a two position foot controller
  • Wide dispersion high output full-range 8" speaker
  • Built in America: Made in Costa Mesa, CA
Weighing in as the lightest of all Quilter combos, but don't underestimate this little guy. The speaker was carefully chosen from Celestion's top end pro audio catalog for its remarkable range and unyielding power. Just a few notes played and you will be astonished. It easily keeps up with most 40-60 watt twelve inch tube amps but often sounds much better and truly delivers on the promise on modern technology. If you want lightweight, infinite tonal possibility, and a seemingly never ending array of configuration possibility.

This is the amp for you. Want to plug in your acoustic and a mic and use it as a portable PA? Go right ahead. It will shine as much as it does when you are laying into it ripping solos out. This may well be the most potential ever realized in a guitar amplifier. Pick the MicroPro 200 8 inch if you want the lightest amp possible, if you plan to use an acoustic and a microphone, or if you want the most open tone.

The MicroPro 200 has a Celestion eight inch speaker at 100 watts per channel. It weighs in at 19 pounds and comes standard with a padded ballistic nylon slip cover and a two position foot controller.

A The smallest and lightest(19 lbs.) of Quilters MicroPro combos, the MicroPro 200 has a clean, neutral tone with a balance and clarity that makes it suitable for vocals as well as electric and acoustic guitars. Don't let the small size fool you; the sound is unbelievably big and full.

Loud Clean Tone
The MicroPro features 400 watts of headroom, internally limited to 200 watts of continuous output. The extra headroom allows more warmth and brilliance, resulting in "bigger, cleaner watts". Electric and acoustic guitars sound big and full with sparkling highs and soaring sustain. The MicroPro 200 is a perfect canvas for emulators and effects and takes overdrive pedals very well.

Rich, Expressive Overdrive.
The MicroPro's overdrive tone is rich with natural harmonics and responds eagerly to your playing dynamics, allowing for more expression and feel. The Presence control adjusts post-master highs for mellow or sizzling overdrive tone.

Switchable Two Channel Operation
Using the Mode switch or the optional foot controller, you can switch between the clean channel (Ch 1) and the overdrive channel (Ch 2) with its full range of boost, voicing and master volume functions. Independent master volume controls allow you to set the balance between the channels.

Authenticity with Adjustability
Vintage amplifiers often achieve amazingly warm, authentic tone with little or no equalization. The Quilter uses similar input and output impedances, resulting in the same "inherently authentic" response with the tone controls on 50%. Then Quilter adds a fully active 3-band Bass, Mid and Treble equalizer, thus combining the warmth and natural sound of early amps with the flexible voicing of modern amps. Unlike traditional "tone stacks" the controls are truly neutral at 50%, so any adjustments start from a good foundation.

Multiple Boost Options
A preset boost can be engaged by adjusting the selector switch, or by using the footswitch. The adjustable Boost control determines the gain jump, and the selector switch offers four boost voicings.
    Scoop Boost: Low and high frequencies are emphasized with a scooped midrange, resulting in more chime and body without excessive midrange distortion. 

    Bright Boost: A fat treble boost increases bark and bite for an aggressive slashing overdrive.

    Loud Boost: Boosts all frequencies, for a straightforward increase in overdrive and saturation. 

    Hot Boost: Boosts overdrive to the max,and filters the resulting distortion to emphasize highs and lows, for a full-bore assault on the senses.
Multiple, Selectable Effects Options
The Micropro not only offers a full platter of traditional on-board effects, but brings new life to outboard pedal collections.

Reverb (Level, Dwell, and Path)

A premium digital reverb chip offers superior clarity and dynamic range. Exclusive analog voicing captures the bright, airy sound of a vintage reverb tank, without the mechanical limitations and feedback problems of spring reverbs. The Level control ranges from subtle to "drenched". The Dwell control adjusts the decay time from a short "klonk" to a beautifully prolonged "heavenly choir". The Path switch allows the reverb to be assigned to four different locations in the signal chain for maximum flexibility and control of dynamic range. The footswitch bypasses the signal going into the reverb, so the natural decay time is not interrupted.

Tremolo (Rate)
The Tremolo rate adjusts from a very slow swell to a rapid pulsing. The depth is preset to match the most popular recorded examples, allowing for simple one-knob adjustment.

Voicing Modes (Mini, Tweed, Classic)
Each of these selections adjusts the amp's overall response and distortion characteristics, ranging from tiny "cigar-box" amplifiers, compact low-power vintage amps from the 50's, or popular full-size combo amps from the 60's. The settings may be used as foot-switchable effects, or left engaged as a full-time "personality".

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  Warranty:  3 Years
Jazzbojesus from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Overall Rating
Playability and Feel
Does what it says it will do...
Your general opinion of this product.
I recently purchased one of these from AMS on the never-ending search for the Holy Grail of affordable, small amps that deliver big sound. Hype is one thing and reality is another, so I rolled the dice, figuring the worst that could happen is I'd send the amp back if it didn't deliver. Well, being a bit of a cynic about these kind of "this-can-make-everything-and-coffee-too" kind of advertising, I wasn't expecting this. The amp is most promising on the overdrive stage, where you can attain an amazing variety of overdrive sounds that really, honesty do feel "tube-like." I was also astonished to discover the amount of sound a small, 8-inch speaker can actually deliver. The amount of low-end response is amazing. I thought for sure I was going to blow the speaker! This amp easily has the volume of my George Benson Hot Rod Deville. The other wonderful quality about this amp is the responsiveness of the EQ, limiter and a boost function which has several kinds of emulations.
Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable?
There are two channels, both rated at 100 watts per. The first channel is limited to basic EQ and reverb, while the second is geared toward overdrive, although you can also dial in a great clean sound on the second channel by keeping the gain low and turning up the master volume. There's an incredible amount of headroom before any actual distortion is noticeable, making this a great jazz amp as well. Again, the amount of low end is amazing for such a small amp, and very much controllable. I also was impressed how well the amp took to different types of guitars - from single-coil Fender Strats and Teles to Les Pauls, SGs and semi-hollow bodies. I was able to dial in great tones for each. That's really the secret to this amp - it's going to sound quite different with each guitar, so it makes sense to do a lot of exploring before taking it to the gig.
Playability and Feel
How does it feel, Heavy, Fast, Chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing?
It responds very, very much like a dimed tube amp on the second channel, although you have entire control over the overall volume. You can still get that beautiful spot on a good tube amp where the speaker starts to break up and the tubes saturate. It really amazes me how an amp with no tubes can sound AND feel so "tube-like." The clean sound is one of the best I've ever heard for a non-tube amp. It doesn't sound "shiny" bright like on a good Fender tube amp, but it also doesn't sound brittle and thin - in fact, quite the opposite - warm and responsive. The notes are well-defined, and by using the EQ and limiter you can come up with a killer jazz tone.
Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin?
The amp gives you the option of dialing in several types of emulations, from tweed to classic to a preferred setting known as "Full Q," the setting recommended. However, I preferred the "classic" setting, which, to me, sounded "Marshall-like." The amp also has an adjustable boost control, also with different settings, such as "loud," "scoop," 'hot," etc. This is a really great feature. The reverb also is adjustable and can be programmed from the front of the amp for one channel, both or none. The reverb could be the amp's weakest link, as it doesn't even begin to approach the icy feel of a Fender 'verb. Most guitarists will find it acceptable, but it's the one feature that wasn't outstanding, IMO. The amp has a programmable foot switch - another huge advantage - but I was a little disappointed I couldn't switch between the clean channel and my preferred "dirty" channel. The switch defaults to the "full Q" setting for the second channel. This is the only "con" I really found.
How has it stood up over time?
This thing is built like a tank, everything lights up for dark stages and is overall a really amazing feat of technology. Everything seems to have been well thought-out. This is an extraordinary amp, and at 18 pounds will astonish the buyer with its versatility, sound, volume and attention to detail about what guitar players are looking for. I plan to take it on a test run next weekend for a solo guitar jazz gig and also to practice for the blues band I'm in. Another note - NONE of the demo videos I've seen due this amp justice. You really have to hear it in person.
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