Radial Big Shot EFX True Bypass Effects Loop Selector Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Radial BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain at will.
    This means that noisy pedals or tone robbing non true-bypass pedals that you ‘love to hate’ can now be used and completely taken out of the signal path when they are not needed.

    Big Shot EFX Features

    • Instant access to two effects loops
    • Take noisy pedals out of the signal chain
    • Create true-bypass signal path with all pedals
    • Compact and rugged for pro pedalboards
    • Easy to use and set up BigShot EFX Development

      Today, more and more players are turning their attention to ultra-clean tube amps and using effects at the pedalboard to create tonal variations. In theory this works great but as the purest expands his quest for tonal flexibility, he is often caught having to use non-true-bypass pedals that quickly devour the very tone he has worked so hard to achieve.

      This leaves the tone-hungry purist with a choice: make do with less pedals and the clunk and clicks of so many less than perfect true-bypass pedals or introduce a solution. The BigShot EFX is in fact the little brother to the Tonebone Loopbone, an active loop selector that is fully equipped with the finest Class-A buffer and photocell switching for ultra quiet performance. But for many, the added features and higher cost is tough to justify. This makes the BigShot EFX a wonderful cost-effective option.

      Another consideration is size and practicality in actual use on a pedalboard. The EFX is designed to be as small as possible and with the connectors and cables located at the front of the unit, where they will have the least impact on valuable stage space used up.

      Two loops, compact and true bypass ‘straight wire’ switching finally makes it possible to introduce pedals as needed and take them out for a pure guitar-to-amp connection.

      BigShot EFX audio path

      Following the block diagram on the left, the hard-wired true bypass connection from the guitar to the amp is illustrated. The two loops connect using standard ¼” jacks and are set in series so that each of the loops can be turned on independently or connected in sequence with one loop feeding the second.

      One of the wonderful advantages of the BigShot EFX is that it is completely passive. This means that it does not require a power supply or batteries to make it work. Just plug and play. This means that pedals such as fuzz boxes and wah-wahs can be placed anywhere within the signal path and still be fed directly from the pickup for maximum effect. Once connected, grounding switches allow you to lift the ground coming back from the effects pedals thus providing a helping hand at reducing system noise.

      Using the BigShot EFX

      In use, the EFX is extremely functional and intuitive. One loop could be used for overdrive and distortion while the other could be used for signal boosting and effects such as chorus or flanging. This way, exciting new combinations can be formulated to create new tones.

      Best of all, noisy or non true-bypass pedals can be used and completely taken out of the signal path when not in use, thus allowing you to regain the primary guitar to amp connection when needed.

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