Tronical TronicalTune Type H Self Tuning Guitar System

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Product Description

The Tronical TronicalTune Type H Self Tuning Guitar System adds exciting new versatility and easy, automatic tuning to your favorite Taylor! This revolutionary system installs in under 10 minutes without the need to modify or alter your guitar. The TronicalTune Type H system speed tunes your guitar in 5-10 seconds with great accuracy! See Type Template Chart to check compatibility with your guitar.

After nearly a decade of development, Chris Adams and his Tronical Team have created a system that seamlessly self-tunes you guitar in seconds, all the while preserving the integrity and tone of your instrument. TronicalTune Type H installs in roughly 10 minutes, speed winds your strings and tunes your guitar in seconds with a push of a button and a strum of the strings.

Tronical TronicalTune Type I Self Tuning Guitar System Features

  • Compatible with a variety of Taylor guitar models
  • Switch tunings on the fly within 5-10 seconds
  • Six RoboHead Tuners and a form fitting PCB Board are powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Hex Nuts, Washers, Wrench and a Charger are included as well
  • The system weighs only 248 grams
  • 80-300 tunings are possible per battery charge
  • 12 Factory Presets are included as well as 6 User Presets
Beginners avoid the frustration of being out of tune and will be inspired to continue to play. Players can easily experience new and varied tunings. Performers will love that they can now carry fewer instruments, enjoy faster tuning times in the studio and on stage and create their own custom tunings and pitches. Guitarists will enjoy more creativity while audiences will appreciate listening to perfectly tuned instruments.

TronicalTune literally installs within 10 minutes after removing your existing hardware tuners. Use the included wrench to tighten the Hex Nuts and you're ready for string up mode!

String Your Guitar
Not only does TronicalTune tune your guitar, but it also winds and unwinds your strings when you need to change them. No more searching for clumsy string you can re-string your guitar in minutes. The Locking Nut RoboHeads also provide rock solid stability and incredible ease of use

Begin to Tune
12 Factory Presets are included as well as 6 User Presets to give you a variety of the most commonly used tunings at your finger tips. With a press of a button and a strum of the strings you are in tune, it's that easy! Create Custom and Reference Pitch tunings in seconds!

Product Specifications
Type H Compatibility Chart

  • 110 (right handed)
  • 210 ce
  • 214 Series
  • 314 ce
  • 414 ce
  • 514 ce
  • 614ce
  • 814 ce
  • 816ce
  • 910ce
  • 912ce
  • 914ce
  • 916ce
  • Big Baby
  • Custom Jumbo BTO (Build to order)
  • DN5e
  • DN (Dreadnought) - Series
  • Far-East Models
  • GA (Grand Auditorium) - Series
  • GC (Grand Concert)- Series
  • Grand Concert BTO (Build to order)
  • GS (Grand Symphony) - Series
  • T3 - Series
  • T5- Series
Anton from Upstate NY
Overall Rating
It is pretty good so far..
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I really was interested in this product.. I play acoustic guitar solo and in a duo.. I usually play in standard tuning. Sometimes, I get requests for songs done in open tunings or tuned down a half step and This is where I thought this would come in handy.. The installation was simple and straight foward. Took me less than fifteen minutes.. I put them on my Taylor 110e. Did a "String up" to restring it and it worked very well.. DId my first test and viola.. It took about 20 seconds but it worked very well.. Tried tuning down a half step.. Less than 20 seconds.. Of course, when I put my capo on, auto tuning it is difficult without a setting for the capo on each fret that I play on.. I may just program them in though.. Overall, I really like them!
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