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Waves Tune Pitch Correction Rewire Plugin

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Product Description

Waves Tune pitch correction plugin brings the best sounding, most true-to-life pitch correction to the hands of everyone.
One of the most useful plug-ins an engineer could ever get, Wave Tune is incomparable in terms of transparency, accuracy and overall bang for the buck. iLok Authorization Required

Waves Tune Features

  • Operates in sync and controls host transport using ReWire
  • Global Correction with Reference Pitch, Global Pitch Shift, Formant, and Range controls
  • Segmentation section with Root Note, Scale, Tolerance Correction section with Speed, Note Transition, and Ratio controls
  • Graphic tools with Note and Zoom
  • Pitch Edit Graph with Waveform Overview, Timeline, Piano Roll and Pitch editor
  • Three timeline modes including bars/beats, minutes/seconds and samples
  • Position window displays note and cents at the cursor location

    Think about it...

    The singer has just wrapped up an amazing take. The phrasing, the emotion, the delivery, it’s all there. But there are notes you’d like to change, and others that need to be fixed. You need perfect pitch transformation. You need precision realtime editing capabilities. You need Waves Tune. With full ReWire support, formant correction, and an extensive palette of pitch shaping tools, Waves Tune lets you do all your editing right there within your DAW environment—no need to export sections or work offline. Better sounding and more flexible than any other pitch correction processor, Waves Tune will get your vocals back on track.

    If you want to automatically tune a vocal track, Waves Tune will make the changes as gently or as aggressively as you like, using the default parameters or your own personalized settings.

    Select your singer’s range (Generic, Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo Soprano, or Soprano) or change the range manually as needed. Select the Root Note and Scale, and Waves Tune will correct to the notes in that key. Choose from dozens of scales, from Blues and Bebop to Hindustani Bilawal and everything in between. Or create your own custom scales, and have Waves Tune correct to adjacent notes. You can even bypass notes entirely, leaving them “as is.” Then, set and save your favorite scales as user presets.

    Waves Tune’s default correction is so good it may be all you need. But when you need to get down to the fine details, that‘s when Waves Tune’s awesome power and ease of use really shine.

    Speed Speed determines how long
    it takes for Waves Tune to
    kick in at the beginning of
    a note; the slower the rate,
    the gentler the correction.
    Faster speeds create even
    more radical results.

    Note Turn the Note Transition
    knob and you'll see the
    connection between notes
    become smoother at slower
    speeds and more angular
    at higher rates, for clean
    glides or distinct jumps
    between notes.

    Note Use Ratio to control overall
    pitch correction. Turning it
    down from 100%, you'll see
    the correction curve
    gradually move toward the
    detection curve (the
    original pitch) until they
    finally meet.


    Wave_Tune_Toolbar Use the Note tool to select one or more notes to move or adjust.

    Use the Scissors tool to cut notes into segments which can be moved or manipulated independently.

    Use the Glue tool to combine multiple notes into one.

    Use the Line tool to draw precise lines and angles by defining beginning and end points. Great for glissandos!

    Click-drag on the Curve tool to move the correction curve up or down while maintaining the natural pitch contour.

    Use the Pencil tool to manually redraw the correction curve.

    Use the Zoom tool to get a close-up view for detail work.

    Use the Navigator tool to move around the Edit window.

    Work Anywhere in Your Vocal Track Without Limits or Exporting

    By harnessing the power of ReWire, Waves Tune
    provides instant access to all playback functions
    including looping and scrolling. Now, there’s no
    need to export your track for processing or to
    separate a chunk of your file to work on. Play
    cursor position and loop points can be set at any
    time to any session location, using your host or
    Waves Tune’s transport controls. Set the Timeline
    Ruler to Bars/Beats, Minutes/Seconds, or Samples
    for pinpoint navigation.

    Change that tune

    Change_that_tune Let’s say you want to go beyond correction. Maybe your
    vocalist finished on an “A”, but you think going up to a “C”
    would be more dramatic. No problem. Waves Tune represents
    each individual note as an orange block. To change the pitch,
    just use the Note Tool to grab the orange block and drag it up
    or down on the piano-roll grid. Waves Tune’s advanced
    formant correction keeps the tone sounding completely
    natural, even on wide intervals. Use the keyboard graphic to
    hear your target note before you choose it.

    If there are several notes you’d like to change into one note,
    the Glue Tool will combine them. Or to divide a single note,
    just snip it into two or more segments using the Scissors Tool.

    Export the notes of your track as a perfect MIDI file, and have
    a synthesizer or sampler to follow a vocal’s every move—
    including pitch bends. Or trigger Waves Tune using an
    external MIDI keyboard. Waves Tune will override the Notes
    Grid while you’re playing, and will return to normal functioning
    once the MIDI input stops.

    Waves Tune has the ability to not only detect natural
    vibrato, but to manipulate it as well—naturally. Click on
    the Natural Vibrato button and Waves Tune will highlight
    natural vibrato in pink. If you’d like to increase or
    decrease it, just adjust the Attack and Amount
    parameters, and you’ll see the Pitch Curve become flatter
    or wavier, giving you more or less of your vocal’s natural
    vibrato. And if you need a totally smooth, precise vibrato
    or an extreme vocal effect, click on the Synth Vibrato. Its
    precision controls let you determine Waveform, Depth,
    Predelay, Attack, and Rate.

    Waves Tune. It will change the way you work.

Product Specifications
44.1kHz Operation
Intel P4 1.7 GHz, or
AMD Athlon XP 1800
G4 Dual 1.25 GHzCore Due 1.66
For 96 kHz Operation
Intel P4 2.8 GHz, or
AMD Athlon XP 2400
G5 Dual 2 GHzCore Due 1.66
For 44.1 kHz Operation
512 MB512 MB512 MB
For 96 kHz Operation
1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB
Operating SystemWinXP 32-bit & SP1 / SP2
Win2000 & SP4
OS-X 10.3.8OS-X 10.4.7
Screen Resolution1024x768 32-bit1024x768 32-bit1024x768 32-bit

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