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Wirething Clear Acrylic Copper Wire Guitar Pick

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Product Description

The Wirething Guitar Pick is a new invention that features a smooth curved wire that picks the string, embedded in an injection-molded, textured and contoured plastic grip. This gives you the precise, clean sound of a metal pick, plus the easy grip, control, and light weight of a plastic pick. It's even been awarded U.S. Patent No. 5,894,097. The Wirething pick can give guitar players better control, and a different range of sounds and dynamics than regular plastic picks. It might be a very useful addition to any guitarist's pick collection.

The Wirething pick gets a brand new tone out of your gear. Combines the strength, sound and feel of traditional metal picks with the light weight and ergonomics of plastic picks. The grip is a custom contoured surface with a grip like no other. Stainless steel or copper beryllium alloy wire for high strength with out magnetic attraction to electric guitar pickups. No matter what style you play, the beautiful tone from flamenco to jazz is phenomenal.

In the past, metal picks were noisy with an electric instrument -- the thin rounded wire wrapped in a plastic grip eliminates the contact of skin to pick. This means a clean amazing twinkling tone without noise or clicking. The rounded wire slides on the strings -- it doesn't scrape like the flat metal picks of the past. The smooth feel on a classic nylon or steel acoustic gives your picking perfection especially if you are burning it up.

Product Specifications


  • Beautiful crystal-clear acrylic
  • Space-age custom fabricated copper-beryllium alloy wire.
  • Copper wire has the advantage that it won't be magnetically attracted to electric guitar pickups.

The Wire

  • .035 inch diameter copper-alloy wire
  • Precision-formed for consistent production
  • Micro-smooth polished finish for reduced string wear
  • Spring-tempered for extra-long life and durability
  • Copper wire: This custom-fabricated copper-beryllium alloy wire is extremely hard, and will not be magnetically attracted to electric guitar pickups.
The Grip
  • Injection-molded acrylic or nylon
  • Contoured for thumb shape -- improves grip and comfort
  • Textured for no-slip control

The Invention

  • U.S. Patent No. 5,894,097
    Abstract: A pick for use with a stringed musical instrument is disclosed. The pick includes a generally flat body formed of flexible elastomeric material that is adapted to be held between a player's thumb and index finger and a length of metal wire partially embedded in the body. The ends of the metal wire are twisted and embedded in the body to anchor the wire. A mid-portion of the wire extends outwardly from the body to form a string-engaging pick portion having a rounded, polished tip for picking the strings of the musical instrument.
  • Designed and engineered in the USA
  • Invented by multi-instrumentalist Ken Barry

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