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Item #: ZIL Z40418 Mfr# Z40418

Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash Cymbal - 18 Inch

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Sorry! This item is no longer available.
Sorry! This item is no longer available.
Product Description

Rich Dry + Complex
The Modern Jazz Voice. This is where the Zildjian Sound Lab goes into innovation overdrive. K Customs arm you with a collection of modern K voices like no other. In this range you’ll find sounds that set the standard for modern cymbal design. Whether it’s the warm shimmering tones of a Ride cymbal, or the complex sizzle of a pair of HiHats, these cymbals all create a uniquely beautiful sound. K Customs enable drummers to vary their K sounds to meet the demands of contemporary music.

    Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Crash Cymbal: Designed with Akira Jimbo to combine darkness and brilliance. Thin Crashes and Splashes to project like heavier cymbals due to the un-lathed bell.
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal: Unique crash with dry, trashy overtones. Fast response with very quick decay. Speaks quickly, then dies. Very dark and full-bodied.
    Zildjian K Custom Fast Crash Cymbal: K Custom Crash with new bell design. Faster decay and quicker response than regular K Custom Crashes.
    Zildjian K Custom Session Crash Cymbal: Designed with Steve Gadd. Low dark sound with a quick decay, his favorite crash sound.

    Fast Modern + Shimmering
    A Refined Classic Sound. It’s tough to top the unmistakable and reliable sound of A Zildjians for almost any playing situation, but the award-winning A Customs are an irresistible alternative. Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights and a striking Brilliant finish for a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright–cymbals that are just right for modern music.
      Zildjian A Custom ReZo Crash Cymbal: Expressive full bodied crash. New Bell and lathing design yields a fast yet aggressive array of overtones while maintaining the classic A Custom sound.
      Zildjian A custom Crash Cymbal: Natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beautiful warm undertones.
      Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash Cymbal: Bright, airy and responsive Crashes with an extremely short decay. Slightly thinner than the existing Custom Crash, the A Custom Fast Crash explodes with color.
      Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash Cymbal: More power and body with a stronger high-end.

    Bright Full-bodied + Natural
    The Classic Zildjian Voice that Started it All. These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history – tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. A Zildjians are the world’s most popular and versatile cymbals, and for good reason. Splashes, Crashes, Rides, HiHats or Effects, they all explode with a spectrum of tonal colors and excel in any musical setting. They’re extremely sensitive to your particular touch and style, yet capable of producing as much volume as your music demands.

      Zildjian A Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal: This Crash contains a robust body of overtones while cutting easily through with a bright and fast response.
      Zildjian A Rock Crash Cymbal: Highest-pitched. Hard, loud, crash.

    Loud Raw + Aggressive
    Louder is Better. Z Customs can handle the pressure of driving, heavy music while delivering a bright, penetrating cymbal voice. As Hard Rock music has mutated into countless new forms, Z Customs have kept pace. They’re now better than ever, with state-of-the-art hammering, an exciting new look and enhanced sound. Z Customs walk the fine line between volume and musicality for drummers who do the same.
      Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash Cymbal: A fast responding musical crash with lots of projection power.
      Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash Cymbal: Loud, powerful crash with stronger high-end.

    Product Specifications

    Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash Cymbal Specifications

    • CATEGORY: Z Custom Series
    • TYPE: Crashes
    • SIZE: 18 Inch
    • WEIGHT: M
    • FINISH: Brilliant Finish
    • TONE: MT
    • GENRE: Drumset: Country, Drumset: Hip Hop, Drumset: Other, Drumset: Pop, Drumset: R&B, Drumset: Rock
    • SKILL LEVEL: Advanced, Expert, Intermediate, Professional

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  781-871-2200 Warranty:  2 Years on Cymbals as of October 1, 2009
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