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    Completely Agree: Unplayable
    By: H61      Submitted: 11/4/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. A previous reviewer said that the guitars he received were unplayable and that he had to send both of them back. The problem he experienced was strings buzzing/fretting out. I had the same, but opposite problem: The neck had a twist that made the lower strings extremely high off the fingerboard and the higher strings so low that they fretted out as they approached the 12th fret. (The G string also fretted out at the seventh fret.) I have no idea how the guitar sounds, for it was impossible to play. In regard to finish, I would say that the guitar would be attractive to lovers of high gloss, but, to me, the gloss seemed much too thick/heavy. American Musical was superb in regard to the return process for this guitar, so there are no complaints in that regard--none, whatsoever--but this model guitar would appear to be one to which caveat emptor applies.
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