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Item Reviews for: Ampeg BA110 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  AMG BA110 LIST

Just what you should expect from an inexpensive amp
By: Allan from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada      Submitted: 12/6/2011






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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Solid feeling, have only owned it for a short time, so can't comment on dependability. I have owned an Ampeg Gemini I for about 45 years, still sounds great and I have done absolutely nothing to it (fixes), ever. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? As you would expect, an inexpensive amp will not be loaded with features. One nice thing included is a line out jack that you can connect to a sound board and pump your bass through the PA, quite nice actually, and not seen on many amps of this size. It has a CD input jack and headphone jack, both nice for practicing without waking up the neighbors. A feature that is, in my opinion, a bust is the tilt-back feature. Sitting flat, it is stable enough, but tilted back, it is only a slight brush away from falling over backwards. It would take a set of legs like on the old Fender Reverb amps to make it safe when sitting back. Sound How is the tone? Lots of volume for a small amp. Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? Tone is flat. Again, what you should expect from a less than $200 amp. The high, mid and bass control allows some shaping from it's 10 inch speaker, but I'd still describe it as flat. I use a Peavy Megabass rackmount for gigs that has a beautiful round sound and is head and shoulders above the tone of this amp, but I'm pushing it through a $500 cabinet, as well.