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A tiny powerhouse! A tremendous value!
By: spacemod from Chicago, IL USA      Submitted: 1/10/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? The MicroBrute has a lot of flexibility, good sound quality and a solid build quality. This machine interfaces well with Control Voltages and MIDI (DIN & USB) and makes an excellent controller for a Modular Synthesizer rig (like Eurorack or Frac) The Modulation Matrix gives LF0 and Envelope Generator control to the various wave form functions (Metal/Saw/Sub/Pitch/Filter/PWM) or to external devices. Their are many options for sound shaping both within the box and also outside the box. The Steiner filter is a nice touch. It offers a unique filter to compliment other filter styles. The 64-step 8 memory bank sequencer is simple but effective. I hope they upgrade the sequencer with a future software update.
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