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Item Reviews for: Arturia MiniLab 25 Key Mini Controller  -  AUA MINILAB LIST

should I be doing this review?
By: cmos from lafayette, in, usa      Submitted: 11/22/2013

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? Well... it's okay but, I don't think I should be doing this review. Here's my issue. My MINILAB came with a crack through the Pitch and Bend strip's substrate. So, they don't function. The packaging places a large USB cord over this feature and places force down on it when the box is sealed. That probably broke it. But, Arturia has fancy payed engineers to tell them that, right? Quality What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music? Hmm... in general it's okay. The synths are pretty cool. Ease of Use How user friendly is it? Would it work well for a beginner, intermediate or experienced player? It's very easy to use. Anybody would enjoy using it and trying out the different synths. Features Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features? It's a pretty complete little system. My favorite feature is the filter that can zoom in on the synths that meet a specified criteria - very cool. Sound How is the sound quality? How does the sound compare to other products you've use? The sound is excellent. In my case, the path is fully digital out to the monitors. Feel How is the feel of the keys? Are the controls laid out well? The keys are small but they work okay. The system is laid out nice for its size. Value Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range? For the price you get a lot. Particularly a whole boatload of synths. But what I didn't expect is to be forced to accept a broken unit that was the fault of Arturia's packaging engineers. But, it's $99 bucks - it could have been worse.