Item Reviews for: Behringer Ultrabass BB410 Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet  -  BEH BB410 LIST

    By: Skull from Ardmore, Al      Submitted: 6/9/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This thing surprised me, I recently purchased an Ampeg SVT 3 bass head, was wanting a decent cab, of course I would have preferred a SVT 410, but the budget wouldn't allow.. when I got this monster set up.. talking about shocked.. cranked the hussy up.. blew me away, at full volume.. it's as clear as a bell.. I tried to distort it, everything in the room was vibrating but the cab.. hey, if you're going to blow something up, do it while it's under warranty.. then I turned the horn on. it's got punch that's hard to believe for the price. I then hooked up my effects pod. and drove it hard. still no distortion, except what was injected.. We play different venues from small clubs to outside shows. of course I wontuse her in the small clubs due to space, but wouldn't be a problem other than space. and won't sweat the larger venues. The only real complaint I have, since I'm 62 yrs. old, it the weight. I will add casters or when the budget allows hire a roadie.. Awesome cab for the price
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