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beritone is a must have
By: higgnbe from pa      Submitted: 12/13/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. this was what I have been looking for my mixes are spot on the first time
good everyday speaker
By: micr from Seattle Washington USA      Submitted: 12/9/2011

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Your general opinion of this product. The sound is like a good boombox. It's kind of hard to judge them using a software sampler, there are so many sounds. It's a little lite on the bass, the high end is clear and picks up all the tones and echos no matter how slight. They are on top of a pair of $19 Mic stands. The cabinets have a bonus brass screw-in adapter for smaller than 5/8th" pole, it can be removed easy. And with the acoustic foam removed there is matching wood grain around the speaker cone so it still looks good both ways, plus a internal name plate. The base of the cabnet has large square rubber pad.