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    I loved it, I just want the manufacturer to replace it on their dime.
    By: Saille Branch from Dallas TX      Submitted: 5/19/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I picked one up as an introductory echo pedal... Well as far as the sound and features this model does more than most echo's. mine fizzled out pretty quick, I took it back... but low and behold I could not exchange it due to the fact that the serial number is a decal on the bottom of the pedal... I then trew the pedal down into the parking lot and ran over it.The hard plastic case took this as any non organic material would... My concearn is not for the tone, features, nor the durability, but the policy of return when the serial number is a decal where Velcro may be applied and thus removing and voiding the 1 yr manufacture warranty.
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