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    Not as great as I hoped.
    By: Nate      Submitted: 9/15/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I just purchased my Europort EPA 900 Sept. 2013. I needed a portable compact system with plenty of power and easy to transport. The wheels are too small causing the EPA 900 to scrape against the ground if not held at a perfect tilt. The wheels are also too close together causing the EPA 900 to be unstable and pron to tip side-ways during transport. I used it to DJ a church event. At half volume, I noticed "static noise" in one speaker. I had to finish my gig using only one speaker! The rear storage compartment door came off when I opened it to retrieve the speaker cables.
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    Awesome system!
    By: Greg Morehead from Ft Mitchell, KY      Submitted: 7/14/2013

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    Your general opinion of this product. I'm no professional musician...just an average guy who wanted a portable sound system for tailgating and partying. This system rocks and is super loud with great sound!
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