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Mine was an Amazon deal of the day, so it only cost me $88
By: Jim Donovan from NYC      Submitted: 8/26/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? At first, I played with it, adjusting the effects constantly. I didnt get it to really please me until I hooked up a Behringer Vamp3, then it was superb, giving me sweet sounds of thousand dollar amps, and I'd found the VAMP3 FOR ONLY $25 USED. This amp is lighter than any other with as much power, and sturdy! Now, 2 yrs later, my Vamp died as the plugin malfunctioned, and I need to do a tiny weld job, or spend $100 for a new one, which I ay anyway, as its a great piece of equipment. so, now I am using the amp alone, and getting used to it. When clean, you only get superior tones with superior guitars. With the effects switched on, its a little too noisy... Mind you, I'm using it at home, but lucky enough to be able to play loud during working hours in my bldg, as people are working, not home. With that said, I never get it to 3 on volume, as that is plenty loud enough. This makes my judgements not full, as it needs to be cranked in a studio or live in a club to judge fully.