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Item Reviews for: Behringer NOX606 Premium 6 Channel DJ Mixer  -  BEH NOX606 LIST

The Best Option for me SO FAR...
By: Scenic Mob from Asheville NC      Submitted: 1/8/2012




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Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? I love the addition of Two assignable Filters with LFOs for a lot of variance with your tracks, but I continue to be disappointed that the effects section doesn't allow for Midi Clock Input to automatically adjust tempos - Or Even a BPM autolocate function... so I keep having to go back and tap the button to realign things on both the LFOs And the Effects Over and Over... I do love all the capability you have with your four main channels and the distinctly hands on design, But little things like not making the mic channels routable through the crossfader or the filters and using them alternately to serve as Inputs on your effects chains (meaning if you use external effects you use one to receive the signal) makes the unit feel like fewer instrument inputs than I had anticipated... but as far as mixers out there offering these sorts of additions, it's still the best option with the most by far in the way of what I'm looking for... I use every bit of it. Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? Very little was actually described with the materials enclosed. Hence, it took me days to discover that you can only engage different onboard effects by "pushing in" the Only Knob of Dozens of knobs on the mixer that has a 'Push In' function. Likewise, the brevity of information on hookups took me over a week to match to my situation. The mixer design assumes you're mixing DJ sources like CD players and Turntables when I'm actually mixing Synths, modules, effects, etc. and the Mixer's input requirements are not only sparse in type, but crammed together and difficult to be clear about at a time where ambiguity is least helpful. The mixer, depending on the section Requires Either Only RCA inputs, or ONLY dual Quarter inch or ONLY XLR which often means adapting the outputs and inputs of each source to meet that Singular and specific Requirement... Sound How is the tone? Generally it's very capable and transparent. The Filters aren't quite as strong and funky as others I've used, but they do well enough and make up for it with the LFO and the dual assignable modes... Honestly, the filters, effects, kill EQs, and Faders were what this purchase was all about but the sound is good... Effects too, once you learn to run them, are nice... tho I do miss the assignability options for them that the filter system has... for effects you can chose to effect any 1 channel, None of them, or All of them.. I'd have appreciated the same flexibility in effects routing as in filters where each can be sent or not in any combination. General Your general opinion of this product. For musicians looking for a more hands on way of routing inputs from lots of (*~4) external sources with modern capabilities like filtering and crossfading, it's the best option I've found out there SO FAR. I'd love to see the same capabilities (Filters, effects, crossfader, kill EQ, Gain, etc.) With Midi Clock IN and MORE IMPUTS... like 8? I Love the looks though, the general concept, and All the Little LIGHTS!! :D Behringer makes a Rockin Looking piece of equipment Clearly designed from my own heart's desire in a mixer... but just misses a few little things I'd expect they'll fix these and I look forward to their Truly Perfect mixer in the near future! Value Was this item an overall good value? Behringer Always hits their price points well and I think this product is no different. When I look at what I'd pay and what I'd get in other mixer options this is by far the closest, most capable, and best designed mixer on the market for me. Exceedingly reasonable at that price with a payment plan, I just don't know what I'd have to do to get all this at that price if I couldn't buy this here and now.