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Item Reviews for: Bose L1 Model 1S System Single B1 Bass with ToneMatch Audio Engine  -  BOE L1MISSB1T1 LIST

By: Jim Morgan from Rawlins, Wyoming      Submitted: 10/28/2013




Ease of Use



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General Your general opinion of this product. Everything I expected and more, this unit sounds great, is well made and carries enough punch to do all I will ever need to do.I dont believe you can go wrong with Bose or AMS Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Sturdy, heavy duty, well constructed...should last a long time. The included cases are well made also...impressive Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? Out of the boxes set up and playing in 30 minutes Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? The best feature is the sound...what else could it be? I dont know of anything that would make it better Sound How is the tone? The tone is awesome and with the onboard controls any tone you can imagine can be acheieved.