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    Very Impressed !!!! Highly Recommend
    By: Jerry from Berthoud, CO      Submitted: 6/3/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I have been a Fender Amp Guy for the last 25 years and decided to give Bugera Amps a try out of the box the amp sounded great. The Clean Channel is very clean and tight reverb I am impressed with for a digital sounding unit as I am a surf guitarist.... so you cant pull me away from my 1962 Fender Spring Reverb so I will still use that Crunch channel is awsome for getting gritty with the blues I am not a lead Metal Player so the lead channel is a bit much for me but sounds great for those who play 80's metal / rock I Love this amp i finally found an amp that replaces my Dual Showman
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