Item Reviews for: Bugera 6262-212 Infinium Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  BUG 6262212I LIST

    great rock/metal amp
    By: Robert Babczak from Fairbury, IL. USA      Submitted: 12/26/2012

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    General Your general opinion of this product. im hardly a professional but my overall opinion is very high so far. my only problem with this amp besides it being heavy is that it is too loud to practice with in a house, thats right i said it - its TOO LOUD. if you want an amp for house practice this is not it. this amp is more than loud enough to play outside gigs with much less in a bar. just for the sake of comparison i had this amp turned up just a hair above 1, my friend had a peavy half stack turned up to 3 to match it.
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