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Great Speaker
By: Brian from NC      Submitted: 6/4/2013

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General Your general opinion of this product. I have 2 Orange PPC cabs loaded with Vintage 30s. I bought 2 of these to have a V30/G12H30 speaker mix in both cabs and it has made the sound much "fuller" and bigger sounding. Has more lows, more highs, and really adds a lot to a single V30. They are also absolutely great by themselves but I do prefer to mix speakers so YMMV. These speakers ROCK! I tried a bunch of the lower priced copies and they don't have the cripness/highess/cut that these bring to a band mix. Hard to describe and you can't tell just from online videos alone. It's an inperson feeling thing.
true to the original.
By: david Fellows from toledo oh, anonmyous20795      Submitted: 4/15/2012

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Your general opinion of this product. this is a speaker that by now needs no introduction.It is powerful sounding whith very nice bottom end clearity and chimmy top end