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Item Reviews for: Cordoba C12 Classical Nylon Acoustic Guitar w/Case  -  COD C12 LIST

WOW!! Splendid guitar. Cordoba C12 SP
By: Christopher G. from S.C.      Submitted: 12/4/2013

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General Your general opinion of this product. So I gave everything 5 stars and I'll explain each one in a second. First off let start by saying that I received a shipping notification on Monday and the guitar was here on the following Wednesday. Very fast shipping as you would come to expect from AMS. No damage from shipping as well. The first thing I do when I get a new instrument is do a full Quality Assurance inspection on it. I QA heavy machinery for a living so a guitar is no problem. The first thing I noticed was the case it came in. I thought it was somewhat cheap looking on the outside but with a vintage feel to it. It does have brushed brass locking tabs on it. I opened the case and confirmed that it indeed was a pretty cheap case. From the seams to the padding. Not at all bad and protects the guitar just fine. But enough about the case because its what's inside that counts.